The key to figuring it out !!!

I have been going through a lot of stress with my YouTube channel lately. I have not been happy with how it was going and just was ready to give up . I was having issues with lighting , and staying in frame, and just finding time to make my long videos.

After spending time talking to our youngest son and pouring my heart out to him, I really let it all go. It is funny how that works. Once you let it all go, you free up space that those thoughts were taking up in your head. I found I could think again and actually come up with a solution to  my problems. Just letting it all out, talking it out, that was the key. I had been holding it all in for a while.

I was making way too long of videos. Way. Too . Long. My average watch time is less than three minutes and yet my videos were up to an hour, and at least a half hour. In other words, way too long.

But how do I do what I do in less time ? I use my blog. My crafty blog. I do a post there with pictures of either what I am listing , or step by step for the tutorials and then do a short video ten minutes or less doing a quick run through.  I can link them to each other and problem solved. People can watch a short video, and can see what is going on, and no more rambling videos. Well, I can still ramble a bit if I am not careful , but I am watching it  !!

I feel like a huge weight is off of me. I can still have fun with my channel. I am writing again, which I needed. And when I am ready in the next day or two, I can  start doing tutorials that people can actually see. Not out of frame, not bad lighting. That will be so beyond awesome.

I am very excited about it !!!

I plan to do some gardening in the next few days, I will make sure to share it here, I am really late getting started, but I will do what I can !!

I hope everyone is having a good week !!

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Looking ahead to a good year

I was shocked to see that almost a full year has passed since I posted on this blog . It has been a busy year, and one that seemed to everyone I talked to, to fly by. I cannot believe it is three weeks into the new year. I hope this year will slow down just a bit. I do not want this one to fly by as fast as last year did.

A lot has changed since last year, and a lot has NOT changed since last year. Our  youngest daughter and her family moved out and now her little brother is moving in. Some things I could not pull off for our daughter before she moved in, we can pull off for him. We removed some ancient disgusting carpet from the living room. Our daughter had removed the same carpet from the room her girls, our three grandaughters used and refinished the floors so they were clean , pretty , and sanitary . However, with them out, we decided to do new carpet in that room, the front living room they, and now he will  use, and the main hall that connects all the rooms in the front of the house as well. Now that carpet is installed, and even though we have to paint what will be his bedroom, he is moving in tomorrow. He  just wants out of the apartment he has been in since he moved out to let them move in after our son in law was in a horrific car accident and needed to recover. He really was not ready to move out and is happy to move back in so he can get his savings where he wants them, get a new car and just get where he wants to before he moves out for good.

So, we have been working on the house. Kitchen major reno ongoing, both baths mini renos .Moving my studio  back into the front bedroom I was in, that I moved out of to give our daughter and son in law a bedroom. My hubby and I have been sharing a much smaller and dark room , as both our studios for the last almost year and a half, so I am thrilled to be back home in my big bright, front bedroom again.HE is thrilled to have that one to himself.  I am still getting set up, and so is he ,but at least I am in this lovely space. Our son only needs one bedroom, so he took the one the girls had been in and he will use the big front living room, we have the smaller family room off the kitchen for our living space, and our master suite is off that family room so it gives us separation , other than during the day if I am in my studio. But evenings he and his friends can take advantage of the dining table I have in here as a work space as I am rarely in here after about five or six at night.

As for personally, I am working on getting healthier. My doc gave me three months to try diet and exercise to lower my blood pressure, blood sugar , and mainly my cholesterol. The other two are okay, not dangerous but they were often on the cusp, but my cholesterol was bad.

So, my wonderful cousin and dear friend, gave me a fitbit and is dieting with me. She is a nurse practitioner so she is staying on top of me from Calif. We talk weekly. She is working on her diet too and she keeps me on track. My husband is on the same diet with me and that helps a lot. He also has a lot of weight to lose. His cholesterol is not as bad as mine, but still needs to come down a bit too.

I started my plan on January 2 , and have had a few bad choices, but overall I have done great, so has my hubby. I started my daily walk today. 30 minutes. I have to do that every day , per docs orders, but just took time to get the food right first. Now, food is good, and I am adding the 30 minutes a day walking in the house. I will eventually get back to a gym, but for now, this will work !!! My fitbit got very excited, lol !!!

So, this year, clearing out inventory in my studio . Keeping the stuff I love, but selling all my old stock, and inventory of old stuff I made ,  along with a good amount of my  materials. I want to do art this year, writing this year ,and the  bead work that I love to do , so it is time for all the rest to go away and put some money back in our accounts !! I have a lovely , creative room, and now I have a lot of work ahead as I clear out and add stuff to my Etsy shop.

clear out old inventory and materials from my studio and make some money doing it

publish a book I have been working on with my husband for ten years

get our front porch all gingerbreaded out with paint and looking like new

get in shape and lose a lot of weight

get my numbers down and keep them down so I do not have to go on any meds

get back to reading again. I have a lovely stack of books I picked up last year, but never seem to find the time to read. I want to change that.

So, I am excited about my goals for the year. We have some fun plans in the work for the year, and some great family stuff coming up, weddings and a baby. So, it looks like a fun year ahead, and a lot of work as well which I am excited to do.

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Small things we do to make our life more difficult

I recently had an experience that brought to mind how many times we simply make life more difficult for ourselves. Sometimes in big ways and sometimes like my recent experience in small ways.

I loaded the dishwasher and then closed it to open the cuboard that it blocked to get out the dishwasher cube thing to put in the soap dispenser. We moved here almost three months ago and that is where that box of dishwasher soap has lived since we moved in, never really thought about it. As I retrieved the dishwasher soap it dawned on me, the cubboard under the sink has two sides, one of which is not blocked by the dishwasher door. So, I could simply reach in, pull out the soap, put it in the dishwasher and be done No opening and closing the dishwasher to accomplish this task  It was one of those head smacking moments when you think to yourself, I am not stupid, why did I put the soap there and then leave it there for almost three months, making a simple task a bit more difficult ? I moved it, much  nicer now !!!

It got me thinking about life in general and how we can do that kind of thing all through our life , whether it be housekeeping, gardening or work. Small , fairly stupid things, that we do to just make our day a bit harder. Not returning a call and having it turn into a bigger issue because we just did not want to deal with it. Using a wrench to turn on a faucet because you do not want to take the time to go to the store and buy a new handle. Never did that, but have seen it done.  Putting off going to the store for shampoo  and then standing in the shower with no shampoo and a lot of regrets, it is something most people do  and do not even pay attention to past the moment of inconvenience.

Why do we settle for this? Just not paying attention and doing things for no real reason, no thought out plan. Kind of  shrug it off like it is not important ? It really is important when you really think about it. We have so much do to in our lives these days and if we could just spend a few minutes every day looking at what we do and  how we could do it more efficiently, life could be a lot easier for a lot of people. Sometimes people even know they are inconveniencing themselves and just keep it  up because they do not want to spend the energy to change it. Make the call, move the item, take the time.

I want to urge everyone, take that minute to look at what you do every day and see if there are some ways you can make it easier on yourself, or even your spouse or child if you see them behaving this way. Life does not need to be any harder than it sometimes is !!



Moving ………..

Moving is a big event. It does not matter if it is accross town or accross the country !! We have done both and although the move accross country reguires a bit more thought, you still have to pack every single thing you own up into boxes and move it to another location.

This move is no exception. Going through stuff we just unpacked a little over a year ago and now we are packing it up again. I have no regrets about the short stay. We had to try living near my husbands work. We had talked about it for years and cutting that hour drive down to 15 minutes was something we just wanted to experience.

This 14 months in our lovely apartment was fun, more at first. Being alone for the first time in over 30 years was pretty exciting !!!  We got married with our oldest son already  born and we were  not living together, we each lived with our parents,  so we passed him back and forth between us until our wedding day, and so we had never lived alone in our then 31 years of marriage. So, it was fun to spend time just by ourselves. It was a time that would really showcase our marriage . We have always been close and been best friends , not just husband and wife. But now, no distractions , just us. We loved it. It was fun. We are happy living alone BUT soon discovered we did not like living so far away from the kids and grandkids. Not at all. So, we are in the process of moving back down by our kids. Our youngest son, who lives about an hour from the town we are moving back to, will join us in November. He is in school and his room mate is moving and he needs a break from all the responsibility  of trying to go to school, work and pay bills. He has done wonderful, but it is time for him to come home for a while. So, we will have about three months in the new house and then he will join us , and that will be a new adventure. We have not lived with each other since he turned 20 and now he will be moving home four years later at 24. LIving on his own caused him to start college a lot later than he had wanted to, but he is going now and even more focused than ever on his goals. How fun to have us all together for the holidays !! Our oldest son is in Seattle with the army, so he , his wife and kids are far away, and that will be hard. He was gone last year, in Korea, but we at least had his wife and two kids here for the holidays, which never makes up for him being gone, but is a lovely consolation prize. We love our daughter in law like our own daughter and enjoyed the time with her and the kids !! They had come here after three years in upstate NY. We will have our two daughers, their families and our younger son all together in the same town for the holidays which I cannot wait for !! I wish we could all be together but we have nine more years until our son retires and then we can enjoy his family AND him being home every holiday !!

I have gotten a bit off topic, but that is sometimes how blogging goes !!

Anyway, it has been a lot of work but also fun to go through everything and pack it up. The packing is not fun, but seeing what we have and organizing it as we pack has been good.  The only problem is, this is not all our stuff !! We are blessed to already own a house in the town we are moving back to and it is being rented by our oldest daughter and her family. Most of our stuff is still stored on that property. We have a large barn storage building. A workshop building and a large garden shed. They are all pretty full. So, once settled in the house we are buying. A nice , pretty  1964 home. We have to start going through everything we own and figure out what in the world we are going to do with it all !!

So, our journey is on going even after the move. Right now we are in the fun part ,( NOT !!! )  finishing escrow, waiting for our final approval and time  for the closing, which is  scheduled for this Friday. Then we have to find out when the seller will be out, when we can move in and the fun begins !!!

So, I am trying to stay calm when I want to panic a bit !! It seems like a lot to do in the next less then two weeks. We have to hand in the keys to this apartment on Aug 11. Two weeks from yesterday !! So, on top of the move, we have to  clean, patch holes, change stuff we changed to ours, like the shower head, back to theirs and take down the celing fan we put in and put their flat  cover back over the hole. Touch of paint, practically paint the entire kitchen because this complex decided it was a good idea to paint the kitchen with flat paint so when you cook every splatter causes a stain on the wall no matter how hard I scrub it !!  We have to steam clean too as they put in an awful shag carpet that matts down as you walk on it so the only way to make it look good again before we move is going to be shampoo it. One more thing on the list !!

The packing is all but done. The ceiling fan comes down today when my husband comes home from work. We will start removing pictures and patching the walls. Luckily we used those tiny nails with the picture hooks, so the holes are mostly very small.

So, we are excited about this new adventure. Worn out from escrow and the waiting to get the final approval and signing time for Friday. Once we have all that in place, I know the stress will reduce a lot !! We cannot wait to be closer to the kids and the grand kids. This last month has felt like six. We have not even walked through the house in over a month since we did the inspection !! Luckily I have a lot of pictures to look at and that has helped a lot !!

So, back to packing, and cleaning. The bathrooms are next….. Joy !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!

Time to be Thankful

This is the time of year we all are reminded to be thankful for what we have . I noticed a lot of people posted daily this month on facebook the things they are grateful or thankful  for each day . I think it is a wonderful thing to make a point of sharing what we are thankful, or grateful for, but it is too bad we only really do that this time of year. We really should do it every day.

I make a point every day to look at my life and be grateful for even the small things we take for granted. Once you start making it a part of your daily life, you realize how much you have that you really did not pay attention to.

How many times do we take clean running water,  sanitary bathrooms, a stove, microwave and if we have it , a dishwaster for granted.  Most people have a washer and dryer in thier home, but even having one at a laundromat beats washing clothes in a river . We are very blessed as modern Amercians to have so many luxuries that we consider our right. Or we do not consider them at all.

When I was a young newly  married girl, I was working as a waitress, yes, we were still called waitresses back then, not servers. If you were a man, you were a waiter !!  I was complaining about the mess at home and how I had to go  home and do dishes and pick up. This young girl who I really did not know well, said to me. ” You go home and be grateful you have dishes to wash and a house to clean. I have to live with someone else right now because I do not have my own place. I would love to have my own dishes to wash and my own place to clean. ” I was very humbled and that has never left me. When I find myself getting overwelmed with housework, I  stop now and think how blessed I am to have food to cook, and dishes to wash. I have a floor to sweep, mop and vacuum and I have bathrooms to clean and a bed to make and laundry to wash , in my own washer and dryer. I have never forgotten those words. I have days I forget, I will be honest, but most of the time, I stop , think and say Thank you to God for the fact I have these messes which indicate a wonderful life. Having a husband of 31  years to cook for, and do laundry for, I am very blessed . He works hard to give us a good life and when I am tired  and do not feel like cleaning I make a point to think about how it must feel to get up at five am every day to go to work, whether you want to or not, and I stop complaining and start saying thank you .

Of course, since I am far from perfect, lol,  I have times when I do not think of that and complain about the mess I have to clean, but I find more and more, I decide to be grateful for that mess as it means I am very blessed. Complaining is less and less part of my life.

So, as we go about our daily life, we  need to really look at what we have, not just the obvious, our families and friends and a home and a job, those are all huge blessings to be sure. But look at those small things, that are not small to many people. Food, clothes, electricity, clean running water, indoor plumbing,  a home to live in, not to mention that flat screen tv with dvr and the blue rays and dvd players and video games smart phones ,  and all those things most of us can easily  take for granted.  Just having this computer in a spare room, this is a huge luxury. I have an entire room to play in on my computer and with my crafts and beads, what a luxury.

So, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and reflect on all we are grateful for. I hope more of us can continue that gratitude through the year , really looking at our blessings every day and thanking God for all we have , it really is a lot, no matter what tough times we are going through. Even if breathing, being alive and having a future ahead of us,  was all we had, we have hope of a better day and a good future.  Most of us have so much more than that. Every day we are alive, we have the chance to create the life we want and I do believe that being grateful for all we  have is the way to getting to the future we want. How can we attract the life we want when we do not appreciate what we have ?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and really digs deep and finds all the things in thier lives that they can be grateful for, I think most of us have so much more than we even realize to be grateful and thankful for !!

Happy Thanksgiving !!

I have to admit I am a bit bored right now and other ramblings …..

I am dealing with some boredom issues lately and that is not like me. I have tons of books, but just cannot settle down to read. I was working on my etsy store, but with only three sales in a month with 300 views I am a bit reluctant to spend much more on listing if I am not selling anything. I am just not able to figure out why ? I seem to be blocked no matter what I do. Someone will ask for my card, they want to buy something and then I never hear from them. I even tried to show pictures one day and my iphone refused to pull up my etsy account, it is really weird. So, I am a bit lost now that that huge project is on hold. I have so much to list, hundreds of items and had planned on working on that every week, but now, with that packed away for now, I am at a total loss and I am also bored stupid !

It is the first time since I became a mom at 20, that my life is my own.  I am 52 years old. I do not have to work around kids, or grandkids schedules and that is just weird. I think I am just finding my place right now. My husband is at work and I am  home all day without a car, so that makes it a bit hard sometimes, but I am doing okay , why in the heck did my font change, I kept trying to go back and start typing over, but it changed anyway, weird !!

I am just taking it a day at a time, trying to figure out how to lose weight, I am really sick of being huge and just want to get this weight off but it is really not happening. Just finished an eight week stint on low carb with zero results. I had one cheat meal at day ten because my hubby was starting with me the next day. We followed the diet by the book, and neither of us lost a bit over the next almost seven weeks, so we are going to try something else. It is such a hard diet to be on, so we will find something not quite so impossible to do long term.

We have four of our  grandkids coming over this weekend, my husbands exact words when I told him the second two were coming was, are you crazy ? lol. I told him no, they will entertain each other and they are all old enough it will be fine. I am very exicted about it and I think he is too !! Four kids, no more pool, too cold and it will be a very cold weekend, so it will be interesting !! I know McDonaldsa indoor playground will be a key player in the weekend plans !!

Anyway. Just in a rambling kind of mood. I will seee if I can post a picture of the park, not sure I can post chihully on the blog, but I can post pictures of the actual park.

To change the subject, the Chihuly exhibit has been extended at the Dallas arboretum until the end of the year and we are both very excited about that. we are so in love with that exhibit and the arboretum itself, we are going to buy a season pass and enjoy it as many times as we can before it is gone in nine or ten weeks !! We both love to take pictures and was that an amazing exhibit !!

I just cannot get my computer to download the picures, it took ten minutes to get the one of the tree.

Okay, well, I am off to find something to do, not sure what, but I am just in that kind of mood tonight !!!

Living in Fear or choosing to live in love

Everyone is reeling from the shootings in CO this weekend. I had no idea they had happened until last night. I do not watch the news and so I had no idea such a tragedy had unfolded until I read it on my facebook page.

What a horrible story and I still do not have all the facts, just what I read others posted. I cannot imagine how terrifying something like that must be and my heart goes out to all the families involved. To lose someone you love in such a senseless and tragic way is so hard to take.

The thing that has me so concered however is the fear it is causing in everyone. I have seen posts that people do not want to go to a movie now and they are scared to go anywhere because of this. This makes me sad.

I have lived in fear a good part of my life and my own kids are the ones that have helped me to learn that I cannot live my life that way.They live thier l ives the way they want and do not let fear direct them. I am proud of them all. There is so much to be fearful of in the world, so many terrible things can happen, car accidents, food poisoning, kidnappings, and crazy people who decide to shoot innocent people. We can worry, and I have , that being in a small car is dangerous, too many large cars on the road, flying is scary, what is the plane went down, and what if a crazy person with a gun came in where I was eating or shopping or, watching a movie ? Any of those things can happen, we know it, we have seen it on the news or read about it !!

After 9/11 when everyone was terrified to fly, a gentleman was on a show, I cannot remember his name , but he was a travel expert. The show host asked him, are you afraid to fly ? He said he has never been afraid to fly because when you look at how many flights there are per day, per airport, per city per country, millions of flights are taken a year, and occasionally one goes down. He says you never hear about the millions that go right, just the one that went down. He said our odds are pretty darn good our plane will get where it is going. Wow,I had not thought about it that way.

The same can be said about this horrible shooting. There are so many theaters out there, showing so many movies, every single day. One madman in one theater did this horrible thing. Your odds of going to a movie and being safe, are pretty good.

I have read a lot and studied a lof about spirituality and one thing I have heard over and over is we can l ive in love, or live in fear. It is our choice.

I am choosing love over fear. Does this mean nothing bad will ever happen to me or my family, no, of course not. I pray hard and even though things have happened we are always okay and I trust that will continue to be the case. One thing I do believe with all my heart, is that if I choose love and let go of fear, I someone know that less fearful things will happen to me. When we hold on to fear, we send that out into the world, we attract more fearful things to us. I want to attract love, and happiness and joy into my life. That is why I refuse to watch the news. I want to be happy and if something important happens, I know I will find out about it, but there is no need for me to live each day hearing every bad thing that happens. I search for happy and uplifting stories and concentrate on those.

Like so many others, the victums of this horrible shooting and t hier families will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. However , I will not allow this to c ause me to change my life or to live in fear.

There is much more good in this world than bad, and so many more good people than bad people. Concentrate on that and pray and trust and let it go. Live you life in love, not in fear. No one should have that power over you to change the way you live because of that fear. We all deserve to have love and joy and goodness in our lives. We will have bad things happen to us and those we know, but we do not have to let those things define our lives and cause us to change how we live. Treasure each day, live in joy, and trust that good is stronger than bad. living in love rather than fear is a much happier life !!