Moving ………..

Moving is a big event. It does not matter if it is across town or across the country !! We have done both and although the move across country requires a bit more thought, you still have to pack every single thing you own up into boxes and move it to another location.

This move is no exception. Going through stuff we just unpacked a little over a year ago and now we are packing it up again. I have no regrets about the short stay. We had to try living near my husbands work. We had talked about it for years and cutting that hour drive down to 15 minutes was something we just wanted to experience.

This 14 months in our lovely apartment was fun, more at first. Being alone for the first time in over 30 years was pretty exciting !!!  We got married with our oldest son already  born and we were  not living together, we each lived with our parents,  so we passed him back and forth between us until our wedding day, and so we had never lived alone in our then 31 years of marriage. So, it was fun to spend time just by ourselves. It was a time that would really showcase our marriage . We have always been close and been best friends , not just husband and wife. But now, no distractions , just us. We loved it. It was fun. We are happy living alone BUT soon discovered we did not like living so far away from the kids and grandkids. Not at all. So, we are in the process of moving back down by our kids. Our youngest son, who lives about an hour from the town we are moving back to, will join us in November. He is in school and his room mate is moving and he needs a break from all the responsibility  of trying to go to school, work and pay bills. He has done wonderful, but it is time for him to come home for a while. So, we will have about three months in the new house and then he will join us , and that will be a new adventure. We have not lived with each other since he turned 20 and now he will be moving home four years later at 24. Living on his own caused him to start college a lot later than he had wanted to, but he is going now and even more focused than ever on his goals. How fun to have us all together for the holidays !! Our oldest son is in Seattle with the army, so he , his wife and kids are far away, and that will be hard. He was gone last year, in Korea, but we at least had his wife and two kids here for the holidays, which never makes up for him being gone, but is a lovely consolation prize. We love our daughter in law like our own daughter and enjoyed the time with her and the kids !! They had come here after three years in upstate NY. We will have our two daughers, their families and our younger son all together in the same town for the holidays which I cannot wait for !! I wish we could all be together but we have nine more years until our son retires and then we can enjoy his family AND him being home every holiday !!

I have gotten a bit off topic, but that is sometimes how blogging goes !!

Anyway, it has been a lot of work but also fun to go through everything and pack it up. The packing is not fun, but seeing what we have and organizing it as we pack has been good.  The only problem is, this is not all our stuff !! We are blessed to already own a house in the town we are moving back to and it is being rented by our oldest daughter and her family. Most of our stuff is still stored on that property. We have a large barn storage building. A workshop building and a large garden shed. They are all pretty full. So, once settled in the house we are buying. A nice , pretty  1964 home. We have to start going through everything we own and figure out what in the world we are going to do with it all !!

So, our journey is on going even after the move. Right now we are in the fun part ,( NOT !!! )  finishing escrow, waiting for our final approval and time  for the closing, which is  scheduled for this Friday. Then we have to find out when the seller will be out, when we can move in and the fun begins !!!

So, I am trying to stay calm when I want to panic a bit !! It seems like a lot to do in the next less then two weeks. We have to hand in the keys to this apartment on Aug 11. Two weeks from yesterday !! So, on top of the move, we have to  clean, patch holes, change stuff we changed to ours, like the shower head, back to theirs and take down the celing fan we put in and put their flat  cover back over the hole. Touch of paint, practically paint the entire kitchen because this complex decided it was a good idea to paint the kitchen with flat paint so when you cook every splatter causes a stain on the wall no matter how hard I scrub it !!  We have to steam clean too as they put in an awful shag carpet that matts down as you walk on it so the only way to make it look good again before we move is going to be shampoo it. One more thing on the list !!

The packing is all but done. The ceiling fan comes down today when my husband comes home from work. We will start removing pictures and patching the walls. Luckily we used those tiny nails with the picture hooks, so the holes are mostly very small.

So, we are excited about this new adventure. Worn out from escrow and the waiting to get the final approval and signing time for Friday. Once we have all that in place, I know the stress will reduce a lot !! We cannot wait to be closer to the kids and the grand kids. This last month has felt like six. We have not even walked through the house in over a month since we did the inspection !! Luckily I have a lot of pictures to look at and that has helped a lot !!

So, back to packing, and cleaning. The bathrooms are next….. Joy !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!

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