About me


I am just turned 60 years old and on a journey to lose 127 pounds, and find the person I want to be.  I have many years of  life ahead , I plan to be around a long time, so I want to have a blast now that my big job of raising kids  is over.My husband and I hope to buy a motor home when he retires and see the country, so a lot of fun to look forward to.

However, this year my husband and I are facing a pretty big  challenge , more him than me, but it involves me too.  He had back surgery last year and although the surgery went great and healed beautifully, there are things above and below that surgery site starting to give him issues and so we are on a new eating plan to help him lose the weight and stop the inflammation. I am on the plan with him which is a plant based ,fat free plan and a bit of a challenge coming off a normal standard American diet. We are taking on the challenge of changing the way we eat to keep him healthy and prevent further back damage. His doctor told him in no uncertain terms to lose the weight , as much as he can before the surgery, keep losing after the surgery and get it all off, and keep it off or he will be facing more surgeries in the future. The only way to prevent it is to lose the weight that is aggravating his back. I also need to lose the weight pretty urgently as well. With metabolic syndrome and some health issues I have so far kept at bay, I cannot hold them off much longer if I do not get the weight off. We are changing our food choices for life, and we know it will be  hard to do, but we are very determined to be healthy and feel this is the best way for us to get there. We have eaten a plant based diet many times before but always slowly made our way back to the SAD diet again. We cannot afford to do that again. This is our health at stake, we have to lose it and keep it off. So, that is what we are doing, one day at a time !!!

I also am on a search for who I am now. Raising kids changes you and who I was before them, might not be who I want to be. I have always been a writer and artist , and a maker. I just need to find out what to write and what kind of art I want to do. What do I want to make ? I last updated this about page 8 years ago, and a lot of stuff has changed but my search for me has not. I am more confused than ever about what path I want to take. I have a YouTube channel but I am taking a short break from it while we get used to our eating. But what I want to do with that channel, and my overall creative life is what I want to figure out. I started baby sitting our youngest grandaughter right after I started the channel which made it harder to really give my all to the channel and the plans I had for the channel kind of fell to the side. It was hard to do it all.

If you are interested in my channel it is

Stephie’s Beads Baubles and Treasures.

here is a link , not sure if it works, but you can use the title of my channel to search for me too if it does not work.


I do beading and jewelry tutorials and also share treasures I have found.Many I sell on Etsy and Ebay.

So, that is another part of what I am doing, although on hold for now. I have a blog for that channel too.

I just want to finally make some changes . I am tired of every single New Years day making the same resolutions.

Lose Weight.

Pat off debt.

Although we did put the ” pay off debt” goal to bed. We do have a car payment and mortage  payment. I use my Best Buy card  from time to time and pay it off, but that is all the debt and that is a huge accomplishment. Now the weight is next and figuring out what I want to do with myself now that I have time !! So, that is why I have this blog. To help figure all these things out  and learn to eat better for life !!!

So, to sum it up,  this is my journey, and welcome to it !!!



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