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I am just turned 61 years old this past June, 2021, and on a journey to lose 100 pounds, and find the person I want to be.  I have many years of  life ahead , I plan to be around a long time, so I want to have fun and enjoy myself  now that my big job of raising kids  is over. My husband and I hope to buy a motor home when he retires in a couple of  years  and see the country, so we have  a lot of fun to look forward to.

However, this year my husband and I are facing a pretty big  challenge , more him than me, but it involves me too.  He had back surgery the last two  years in a row July of ,2019  and November of 2020,  and this year in October of  2021  he had a minor knee surgery,  and although the surgeries all  went great and healed beautifully, he has to lose 40 pounds to avoid further back surgeries and I have to get the weight off to get rid of all the health issues I am dealing with, so  we are on a new eating plan to help him lose the weight and stop the inflammation . I am on the plan with him to lose weight to deal with my issues, which is a plant based ,fat free plan and a bit of a challenge coming off a normal standard American diet. We are taking on the challenge of changing the way we eat to keep him healthy and prevent further back damage . I also need to lose the weight pretty urgently as well. With metabolic syndrome and some health issues I have so far kept at bay, I cannot hold them off much longer if I do not get the weight off. We are changing our food choices for life, and we know it will be  hard to do, but we are very determined to be healthy and feel this is the best way for us to get there. We have eaten a plant based diet many times before but always slowly made our way back to the SAD diet again. We cannot afford to do that again. This is our health at stake, we have to lose it and keep it off. So, that is what we are doing, one day at a time !!! I do not call it a vegan plan because we never intend to be vegan. Once healthy we will allow some fun treats throughout the year, mainly birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, but not this year, we have to stay on track through the holidays and it is a bit frustrating but we will do it. Once we are slim and healthy we can figure out how often we can have a treat meal, IF we even want to by that point. 

I also am on a search for who I am now. Raising kids changed me as it does everyone,  and who I was before them, might not be who I want to be. I have always been a writer and artist , photographer , and a maker. I just need to find out what to write and what kind of art I want to do. What do I want to make ? I last updated this about page 8 years ago, and a lot of stuff has changed but my search for me has not. I am more confused than ever about what path I want to take. I have a YouTube channel and that keeps me very busy. I have this blog and one for my channel and actually another YouTube channel for this blog but never seem to be able to post on that one.  But what I want to do with that channel, and my overall creative life is what I want to figure out. I started baby sitting our youngest grandaughter right after I started the channel which made it harder to really give my all to the channel and the plans I had for the channel kind of fell to the side. It was hard to do it all. 

So, I am making big plans for 2022 . I want to get rid of the weight and the weight related health issues once and for all and start spreading my wings and doing some things that interest me , excite me, and challenge me and maybe even terrify me, although if starting a YouTube channel did not even faze me , nothing really should . 

If you are interested in my channel it is

Stephie’s Beads Baubles and Treasures.

Here is a link to my link tree , it gives you links to pretty much everything I am doing online, channels, blogs, Instagram and my shops. 


I do beading and jewelry tutorials and also share treasures I have found. Many I sell on Etsy and Ebay.

So, that is another part of what I am doing, . I have a blog for that channel too. It is all on the link tree link above. 

I just want to finally make some changes . I am tired of every single New Years day making the same resolutions.

Lose Weight.

Pat off debt.

Although we did put the ” pay off debt” goal to bed. We do have a car payment and mortage  payment. I do use my Best Buy card  from time to time and pay it off within the no interest time frame, but that is all the debt and that is a huge accomplishment. We have a plan to have the car paid off within two years or less.

Now the weight is next and figuring out what I want to do with myself now that I have time !! So, that is why I have this blog. To help figure all these things out  and learn to eat better for life !!!

So, to sum it up,  this is my journey, and welcome to it !!!


here are some pictures of my studio , the place I spend a lot of my day and post these blog posts,  not often this clean, but how I like it to look, lol !!! These were taken in  September of 2021 so accurate and recent to this update post which I will update more often. 

my husband made the stained glass panels in the windows. I get to enjoy them every day !!! I do not quilt, it is our youngest daughters quilt hoop on the top shelf.
we removed a door from this section and have to still put some panel up over the ply wood. A good winter project.
boxes of beads, findings and charms, tons of vintage chennile sticks/ pipe cleaners in the white boxes, felt and sewing stuff and other goodies. Shelf to the left is some tiny shelves for all my project trays, my husband made this for me and it is a huge help.
thanks for stopping by !!! Stephie
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