Where have all the blogs gone ?

I have to admit. I have become a person who is on her phone more than the computer. Instagram, Facebook, those were my go to sites on my phone.  I just deleted my Facebook app from my phone. That way the only way I can get on it is on the computer. Since I started up this blog again, I got a longing for all the old blogs I used to follow so I looked up my list of followed blogs.

Most of them are inactive. Some for so long they do not even show posts any more. How sad. I think the world is changing in ways I do not like. I miss the written word. I spend too much time on YouTube and not enough time reading books and blogs or writing.

I miss actual books, not ebooks. I do not buy many ebooks, had a few on my ipad for when I was picking up my grand kids from school . I could sit in the car and read while I waited at the school . There are a few I have bought recently to get a certain authors work. But I like to hold a book in my hands. I like the weight of it. The feel of it and the written word on the page. Some books are only ebooks and that is a shame. I know I am old fashioned and most people want the ebooks and it is so much easier for a self published author to publish that way. I do support an author writing the best way for them. And for some that is the best way .  I just really love actual books. I still buy them, but the stupid thing is they sit there unread because I am watching YouTube instead of reading !!!

Somehow though, seeing a lot of blogs that I loved in the day, just abandoned, made me so sad. I have always come back to mine, even if it is a while, but some people say what they need to say and then move on. They have different interests or it just gets too hard to keep up a blog .

It was kind of like losing friends. Wanting to catch up, but there is no way to catch up, they are gone. And so many too. Only a few  of the dozens I read are currently active.

Maybe they are on their search too. Moving on from a place that no longer resonates with them . Finding things that are more in line with their interests of today. They might even have new blogs, but there is no way to find out !!! I still have a page to look through but the first long page of vacant blogs just made me so sad.

I do not really know what else to say. But I hope I can find some  new blogs to love and they stay active for a while. I still have a couple of old favorites that I have continued to  follow on YouTube and Instagram the last couple of years . Women I have grown to care about a lot and I am happy to see them still writing and creating. I plan to read them on the computer going forward.

So, I hope that the written word does not go away. We need books , and blogs , the creativity they inspire, and the pictures they share of the world.

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2 responses to “Where have all the blogs gone ?”

  1. I don’t think the written word will ever go away, even in the day of mass media. So at least we have that covered. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope so. I still prefer a book in my hands rather than a device, so I am not sure if I will ever do much of the ebooks. I have done some, but I do not like it !!!

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