Small things we do to make our life more difficult

I recently had an experience that brought to mind how many times we simply make life more difficult for ourselves. Sometimes in big ways and sometimes like my recent experience in small ways.

I loaded the dishwasher and then closed it to open the cupboard that it blocked to get out the dishwasher cube thing to put in the soap dispenser. We moved here almost three months ago and that is where that box of dishwasher soap has lived since we moved in, never really thought about it. As I retrieved the dishwasher soap it dawned on me, the cupboard under the sink has two sides, one of which is not blocked by the dishwasher door. So, I could simply reach in, pull out the soap, put it in the dishwasher and be done No opening and closing the dishwasher to accomplish this task  It was one of those head smacking moments when you think to yourself, I am not stupid, why did I put the soap there and then leave it there for almost three months, making a simple task a bit more difficult ? I moved it, much  nicer now !!!

It got me thinking about life in general and how we can do that kind of thing all through our life , whether it be housekeeping, gardening or work. Small , fairly stupid things, that we do to just make our day a bit harder. Not returning a call and having it turn into a bigger issue because we just did not want to deal with it. Using a wrench to turn on a faucet because you do not want to take the time to go to the store and buy a new handle. Never did that, but have seen it done.  Putting off going to the store for shampoo  and then standing in the shower with no shampoo and a lot of regrets, it is something most people do  and do not even pay attention to past the moment of inconvenience.

Why do we settle for this? Just not paying attention and doing things for no real reason, no thought out plan. Kind of  shrug it off like it is not important ? It really is important when you really think about it. We have so much do to in our lives these days and if we could just spend a few minutes every day looking at what we do and  how we could do it more efficiently, life could be a lot easier for a lot of people. Sometimes people even know they are inconveniencing themselves and just keep it  up because they do not want to spend the energy to change it. Make the call, move the item, take the time.

I want to urge everyone, take that minute to look at what you do every day and see if there are some ways you can make it easier on yourself, or even your spouse or child if you see them behaving this way. Life does not need to be any harder than it sometimes is !!



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