No more excuses !!!

Today I got up and decided no more excuses. I am tired of being heavy and not feeling my best because of it !!

I want to get fit and have energy and between my weight and the benedryl I am taking for my really awful allergies this year, I am just tired all the time.

I would love to move in two months and be on my way to a fitter body. It would be nice to lose some weight before we move. I have to get used to going up and down a staircase as we will be on the second floor !! 

Biggest Loser this year has a theme of no excuses and I think it is a good one. So, that is the  mantra I am going to use from now on. No excuses !!  I want to feel great and look nice and feel comfortable in my own body and being this heavy it is impossible to feel comfortable .

So, I decided last night that when I got up today I was going to get going. I want to watch how much I eat, aim for 1200 calories a day and try to get at least 30 minutes of excercise a day.

I am dreading the doctor today, the scale, they will take my blood pressure and all that stuff and I am not looking forward to it. I have got to get the weight off to prevent health issues, namely diabetes and heart disease, my stomach weight makes me a huge candidate for those and I have the start of rising blood sugar and cholesterol and blood pressure caused by, I am told metabolic syndrome. So far I am avoiding taking all kinds of meds but it is inevitable if I do not get this weight off and get active.

So, today is day one and I am hoping in the next two months before I move I can work hard and see some signifacant changes in my body and how I feel.

I have to learn patience , that is a big one and my ADD I have had since childhood makes me more impulsive about eating and I will have to firmly combat that as well. Wanting something and eating it have to be two differant things. I tend to want, and then have whatever I want. 

I will keep track here how I do and anyone else trying to lose weight, I would love to  hear your stories. I am always inspired by others successes !!

So, I am on my way to a healthier me , one day at a time, no more excuses !! I deserve to be fit and feel good and I am going to work hard to make it happen !!!

3 responses to “No more excuses !!!”

  1. good luck! i’m doing the same thing right now. i started power 90 today (pretty much the same as p90x but less intense) so hopefully this will help!
    it’s unfortunately not going to be easy, so maybe we can keep each other motivated! 😉 good luck!!!

  2. Yay! You sound really motivated! I’m pretty much right where you are too, and I love watching the Biggest Loser! Maybe we can help each other out!

  3. Hi to both of you !! I am so excited to find your comments tonight !! Losing weight is a difficult task and to find others with the same goals really helps make it easier !!
    I will post about my stats and who ever wants to share can, but of course not everyone wants to, but I need to be upfront here if I am asking others to join me !!! Thanks so much, looking forward to being a big loser with you guys, lol !!!

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