Standing in the truth !!

I am a big Suze Orman fan and even though she is talking about finances when she says it,  I want to stand in my truth.

In asking others to join me here, I want to be honest with my current weight and goals and keep track of my progress here.

I am 51 years old,  a mom to four, grandma to seven and have been overweight since our second child, adding to that weight each of the pregnancies.

My weight at the doctors office today was a scary 257. I am not proud of that number. Before I got pregnant with our first child I weighed 118 pounds. I was not a stick at that point either. I had a bit of weight on me. But I am willing to shoot a bit higher but still fairly low at 125 which means I need to lose a bit over half my body weight. The doctors office gave me a sheet stating my bmi is 44.97 as of today. Yikes !! I am almost half fat, that is so sad !!

I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am sad, bored, happy, angry , frustrated , you name it, I will eat in that moment . I am an impulsive eater and usually not lazy. I have no problem making something from scratch if I want it bad enough.

I have been diagnoised with prediabetes but with taking cinnamon supliments twice a day and walking at least once a day I have kept my blood sugar well below 100 without meds and that is something I am very happy about.

I do have elevated blood pressure , today it was 134/92 and my cholesterol last time it was taken , end of last year was 240 , I cannot remember the break down but only my LDL was bad, my HDL and triglerides were good.  For that reason only I was not put on meds.

I have what is called metoblic syndrome. I have a  good deal of weight in my belly, and it is out of proportion to the rest of me. I am fat all over, of course. You cannot be 127 pounds overweight and not be fat everywhere, but my stomach is way out of proportion to the rest of my body. Once I get some of that belly fat gone, I should see my numbers all come down. The belly fat from how it was told to me by the endrocrinologist , is alive and releases hormones that cause trouble with your blood sugar and causes the higher numbers on the blood pressure and cholesterol. Having a fat behind is much healther as that fat does not do that, only belly fat  has the ability to trash your health that way. So, I have got to get about 50 pounds off to see some differances I would think. Only the last twenty to thirty pounds seemed to cause me the trouble but I am going to work very hard to get this frist 5o off this next year. Unlike those contestants on The Biggest Loser, one of my husbands and my favorate shows, it will not come out in huge losses every week not having a Bob Harper and gym at my beck and call !!!  If I can lose one to 2 pounds a week the next year, I will be very happy.

I plan to be very transparent here. I will post my weights and any test results when I go to the doctor. I wil talk about how I did each day, did I eat well, or cheat, how much excercise did I get and so on. I would love others to jump in every day to share thier progress and maybe we can really encourage each other to get where we each want to be !! 

So, day one officially starts tomorrow, I ate pretty good today but not as perfect as I plan to, so tomorrow night I will post my progress and maybe even post through the day. I am very excited and hope to meet many other people trying to lose, so please introduce yourself and share what you are comfortable sharing here !! 

We can do it !!! 


2 responses to “Standing in the truth !!”

  1. Hey Cuz, I understand your frustrations and how hard it is to lose weight. Rick was a emotional eater for years…..and it wasn’t until he had to have knee and hip replacement did he take his weight problems seriously. He went on a no carb diet…He just flat stopped eating carb and sugars….things like bread, pasta, corn candy, etc….It was hard at first but he managed to lose 65 pounds and has kept most of it off for over 5 years. You can do it too…girl…don’t beat yourself up just keep trying. Now as for the belly fat…I am carrying 20 lbs (I no it doesn’t sound like much) too much and it is all in my belly. I feel it in my joints, especially my knees….I am 61 or will be in July and my doctor keeps telling me to drop the 20 lbs…..I just can’t seem to do it. So I would like to partner with you to lose the belly fat. Can you share any information you keep on how to lose belly fat. I walk about 1.5 miles a day and in the summer I am in the pool everyday….keeps me fit but doesn’t do anything for my belly fat. I need help and in return I will be you best confidant and cheerleader. I love you girl and would love to help you on your new quest to a healthier you. God Bless you special cuz…Kathy

    1. Hey Cuz, glad to see you here !! It sounds like on the excercise front you are doing great !! How is your diet ? I do know as we get older it gets harder to lose.
      I did low carb years ago and the first time I did it I lost fast, but since then I have not lost anything on low carb no matter how hard I try. Many people have that experience, they call your first time on low carb your one golden shot and do not know why the first time seems to work the best.
      I am going to watch my calories and walk and drink a lot of water. I do know I lose the most when I get as close to a gallon of water a day as I can !!
      I am thrilled to have you as my diet buddy, lets see what we can accompish togther !!
      I am sure proud of Rick, he has done great, that is a lot of weight to lose and keep off !!!
      I guess we just have to take it one day at a time !!
      I will be your best confident and cheerleader as well !! love you too Cuz !!! Steph

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