Over a month and going strong !!

today is day 31 of no caffiene and drinking water. I had a couple of diet sodas  , caffiene free of course, this week and once again did not like how t hey made me feel so I am comfortable saying I feel I am done with them.

I am doing great with water and today I allowed myself a glass of water with some lemon juice and a couple of stevia packets with my  lunch, I liked it so much I had another one, and used up the lemon I cut up, but then I was fine the rest of the day with ice water. I am thriled with that.

If you had told me I would be able to go a month plus drinking only water, I would have laughed at that statement. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to give up my life long love affair with diet soda, but it appears we have broken up !! I could not be happier about it. Water is healthier, my skin looks better, my bladder feels better , lol, and it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying diet soda. No more caffiene ups and downs . I know that is much better on my adrenal glands and my body overall.

I have not made much progress on the rest of my plan, but I am slowly eating better and  although not really exciercising I am trying to move a bit more and excercise is something very important to me and I plan to really start doing something. The kids will be at school part of the day and that will allow me some  p rivacy to work out, that will be great !!

So, I am very pleased with this accomplishment and look forward to one day not even remembering the last day I had a diet soda because it will have been so long ago !!!

OH, another benefit of giving up carmel colored drinks, whiter teeth, big differance, and I love that too !! So many positives and no real  negitives !!

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