Pumpkins and kids

Today was a fun day. Our oldest daughter and I  headed out to purchase the items needed to finish our  ten year old Grand daughters  costume, a medival princess dress made for her mother, our oldest daughter,  seventeen years ago by my mother in law.

While walking through Walmart  Emilys  three year old brother, our youngest grandson, noticed a pumpkin blanket. He is obsessed with all things pumpkin, even being a pumpkin for Halloween this year, so what was a Grandma to do, I got the blanket and matching pillow for him, he was thrilled, ten dollars well spent.

After hitting a shoe store for the rest of our needed items, shoes and stockings for Emily , and where Ayden scored some Cars shoes, and the matching cardboard box , which was every bit as exciting as the shoes, we came home and Mommy  assembled the costume.

I had some time to eat lunch and budget and then it was time to take the kids down town to trick or treat. Our old town has a historic downtown area where for Halloween the stores  hand out candy to all the  area kids that turn out for the event . They got some candy and Grandma got a walk she needed badly and we came home.

After passing a yard sale on the way home, Emily and I got in the car and went back and found some wonderful treasures, things a ten year old girl and fifty year old woman  can just find fascinating when yard sale shopping together. We went on a hunt for a few more pumpkins and then bought a couple dozen burritos and tacos and came home , ate , and then proceeded to gut , design on and cut seven pumpkins into jack o laterns. I am the family photographer, which meant my hands stayed clean, and sadly also meant I am not in a single picture. I think I will start turning the camera on myself just to prove I am there !! It was a crazy fun evening and we are all worn out but have seven pieces of Halloween  art to show for it !!

Now, everyone is in bed, and I am getting ready to deal with seven pumpkins worth of guts, as I want to bake the seeds , one of my favorate traditions of Halloween.

So, that was my day. Just a fun day of pumpkins and kids, both grown and grand, but kids the same. A wonderful , happy , Halloweenish day !!!

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