Starting down a new path, letting things go

I started this blog when our last child moved out as a way to figure out who I am and who I want to be. Unfortunately kids moved in and out for a few years and I spent some time doing full time baby sitting of one of our small grand kids. But finally, now, I am free to explore what I want to do. I never , ever intended this blog to be about diet, but it has been. Vegan, keto, vegan , keto. Back and forth. Right now, I am back on a plant based plan because I am concerned about my health. I do not intend to do posts about that here anymore.

I wanted to talk about when it is time to let things go. When do we give up on dreams and decide it is time to move on ? I am going through that right now with my YouTube channel. My crafting and beading channel. Stephie’s Beads and Baubles. I have a channel for this blog, but that is not the one I am talking about.

I worked hard for four long years to build my channel so I could get to the point where I made money on the channel. It was hard won ,and I finally made it the end of last year. The odd thing is, just as I got there, my viewer ship started to sink. Now I am no longer monetized and cannot even get to that $100 threshold to get paid. I am stuck at 88 bucks. It is pretty devastating to let it go, but it is time. To be honest it was never the channel I wanted it to be. I niched myself into a channel that was way too restrictive and I could not really do the things I wanted to.

Today I will make a final video , at least for now. I want to at least let the few subscribers that stuck around know what I am doing. I may post something one day if I feel like it, but I think I am going to concentrate on my personal vlog channel , Time To Be Me. There I can do the channel I wanted to do in the first place. I wanted to do anything and everything. Talk about stuff, cook, garden, do crafts, and just have fun. My other channel has lost the joy for me and though it is painful to let it go, I have to. The videos will stay up, and I will never take them down. But my heart is no longer in it.

It is so hard to let a dream go. But I realized that my heart was not in it any longer. I was not having fun any more. The point of doing a channel is to have fun !!! I think I can have fun here, and with the vlog that is the sister channel to this blog page.

So, today, I will post two videos, one on each channel. My daughter and I have a resell business and we will be doing some videos for that as well on our own channel Hope Chest Resellers, we have only one introduction video so far, lol !!

So, I do not want this blog to be about food, that was never the intent. I want it to be about figuring out life, what I want to do, what I do not want to do !!! Letting go of old dreams and finding new ones.

So, today is day one of starting over and letting go of a dream that just did not work out.

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