What has been going on with me and where I have been.

I have not been as good about posting here as I should be, or want to be. I am looking forward to getting more blog posts up each week.Both here and my craft blog. Eventually one per post for my channel or at least a week for the channel. I also want to post more topics here as well.

Last year was crazy for everyone and we had a lot going on ourselves. My last post on my craft blog was Sept 6 , (although I did post some here late November,) and ten days later On Sept 16 my husband started two weeks vacation before starting his disability for his spinal surgery . He was supposed to have the surgery Oct 15 but our insurance decided to not approve it in time so it got canceled and was supposed to be rescheduled for the next week. However, the girl at the doctors office seemed to promptly forget about him and after two weeks of calling and not being able to get her to return his calls, he left a message that if she did not call back that day, he would be in the office tomorrow in person and not very happy. Surprise she called. She lied and said the hospital was on hold for two weeks due to covid. So, his new appt was a month later than the original. I have to tell you , when we checked him in the day of surgery I asked the nurse and she said no, we have not canceled surgeries since March. So, she lied to save her backside. We were not thrilled but let it go.I probably would not have let it go, but I was not allowed into the doctors office for his follow up and he did not want to say anything.

So, he went in for surgery on November 16. I was supposed to be in the hospital with him for as long as they kept him, which ended up being a week . Unfortunately the next day after his surgery ,I started having severe dental pain. I had been having some issues for a while , but at that point they escalated very quickly. I had to ask our son who lives with us to drive up an hour and pick me up so I could get into the dentist the next day. I called the emergency number in the morning and they got me right in to a new dentist office as our dentist had retired. Wonderful new dentist, so thrilled to find her.

I had a tooth that was broken in half and she said very badly infected and she pulled it right then. She let me know I had another tooth that had to come out , also infected and the one behind was pretty bad but she could try to save it. I have very bad anxiety with dental work, so I was not sure what to do. The fact I was fine with the one tooth being pulled out while awake spoke only of the severe pain I was in. She sent me home with some pain prescriptions and an appt to come back in a month to do another extraction and a root canel and crown.I was on a soft diet and cold diet the first couple days, so lots of yogurt, pudding, and ice cream, which I believe had something to do with what happened later.

I came back in a month, could not do it. The idea of that many hours of being numb freaked me out. She could not do the repair on the back tooth until the other tooth was out of the way, and was not sure if the tooth could even be saved. She felt she could not extract the tooth safely without damaging the one behind it, where if I were under it could be done surgically. She got me into an oral surgeon that day, and I just told him to take both teeth while I was under. I was sick of dental pain, years of tooth sensitivity and discomfort, and now it is all gone. I had bone inplants put in the two matching sides so only one very back molar will not be replaced. I just could not pay that much more for another bone graft with everything we have to do, plus the cost of the actual implants and tooth crowns is very expensive !!So, when all is said and done, I will be 61 with one missing tooth, so I am okay with that. I honestly had no idea those teeth were so bad. I just know I had issues for years with my teeth, but ALL my teeth would hurt or be sensitive. it is so wonderful for it all to be completely gone and not need to use sensitivity tooth past anymore. I could not even eat those wonderful bagged theme salads with all the cabbage in them, the cold and crunch hurt every tooth in my mouth.

So, another extraction, another antibiotic and about the time I finished the antibiotic I was not feeling very good, and I felt I had a uti, sorry if too much information . Due to covid I had to do a video phone visit with a doctor in the network, we also lost our doctor, due to his misconduct and losing his license, so we did not have one. He gave me another antibiotic and after a few days I was just not feeling any better. Found a doctor in our network but local who I am going to be going to as my new doctor which is awesome, another phone visit but she felt maybe from all the anti biotics ( and I think all the dairy I had been eating )it was a yeast thing, so she gave me two doses of a anti fungal med a week apart . I realized about that time she was right as I had all the symptoms of a mouth yeast issue. It was almost Christmas and I was not feeling very good yet, our son had something , we thought was sinus and it was kind of going through the family so nobody thought anything of it.

Well, he went ahead and got tested for covid for his co workers and we had a few family members over as he was feeling fine and never had any symptoms to make us think it was an issue. As you have probably figured out, he found out the day after Christmas he was positive. He had not symptoms by the time the results came in. That was Sat, the day after Christmas , we called CVS and made appts for monday and I had to call monday and cancel my two week check up for the dental work. Luckily even though it went through all of us the week after Christmas, which was more horrifying to me than actually having the virus , it was fairly mild for everyone. Sad thing is, we were so careful up until that day we all got together on Christmas. NONE of us went out unless we had to and were careful, wore masks when out and so on. So, we are all actually happy to have gone through it and now be safe for the next few months even though we still take every precaution . A family member is a doctor and has told us her patients that get it a second time have very few to no symptoms, in fact no symptoms is most usual.That is reassuring .

So, we got through all that, we are all finally feeling good. My hubby is healing up from his surgery and will be back to work soon.

My goal for Feb is to start posting at least once a week here . Just all kinds of things. Recipes, what I am doing, not sure what all.

Thanks for stopping by, I will back soon.

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