Living in Fear or choosing to live in love

Everyone is reeling from the shootings in CO this weekend. I had no idea they had happened until last night. I do not watch the news and so I had no idea such a tragedy had unfolded until I read it on my facebook page.

What a horrible story and I still do not have all the facts, just what I read others posted. I cannot imagine how terrifying something like that must be and my heart goes out to all the families involved. To lose someone you love in such a senseless and tragic way is so hard to take.

The thing that has me so concerned however is the fear it is causing in everyone. I have seen posts that people do not want to go to a movie now and they are scared to go anywhere because of this. This makes me sad.

I have lived in fear a good part of my life and my own kids are the ones that have helped me to learn that I cannot live my life that way.They live their lives the way they want and do not let fear direct them. I am proud of them all. There is so much to be fearful of in the world, so many terrible things can happen, car accidents, food poisoning, kidnappings, and crazy people who decide to shoot innocent people. We can worry, and I have , that being in a small car is dangerous, too many large cars on the road, flying is scary, what is the plane went down, and what if a crazy person with a gun came in where I was eating or shopping or, watching a movie ? Any of those things can happen, we know it, we have seen it on the news or read about it !!

After 9/11 when everyone was terrified to fly, a gentleman was on a show, I cannot remember his name , but he was a travel expert. The show host asked him, are you afraid to fly ? He said he has never been afraid to fly because when you look at how many flights there are per day, per airport, per city per country, millions of flights are taken a year, and occasionally one goes down. He says you never hear about the millions that go right, just the one that went down. He said our odds are pretty darn good our plane will get where it is going. Wow,I had not thought about it that way.

The same can be said about this horrible shooting. There are so many theaters out there, showing so many movies, every single day. One madman in one theater did this horrible thing. Your odds of going to a movie and being safe, are pretty good.

I have read a lot and studied a lof about spirituality and one thing I have heard over and over is we can l ive in love, or live in fear. It is our choice.

I am choosing love over fear. Does this mean nothing bad will ever happen to me or my family, no, of course not. I pray hard and even though things have happened we are always okay and I trust that will continue to be the case. One thing I do believe with all my heart, is that if I choose love and let go of fear, I someone know that less fearful things will happen to me. When we hold on to fear, we send that out into the world, we attract more fearful things to us. I want to attract love, and happiness and joy into my life. That is why I refuse to watch the news. I want to be happy and if something important happens, I know I will find out about it, but there is no need for me to live each day hearing every bad thing that happens. I search for happy and uplifting stories and concentrate on those.

Like so many others, the victums of this horrible shooting and t hier families will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. However , I will not allow this to c ause me to change my life or to live in fear.

There is much more good in this world than bad, and so many more good people than bad people. Concentrate on that and pray and trust and let it go. Live you life in love, not in fear. No one should have that power over you to change the way you live because of that fear. We all deserve to have love and joy and goodness in our lives. We will have bad things happen to us and those we know, but we do not have to let those things define our lives and cause us to change how we live. Treasure each day, live in joy, and trust that good is stronger than bad. living in love rather than fear is a much happier life !!

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