A new adventure

My husband and I have been married over 30 years now and have raised four kids. Our  youngest is 22 and on  his own for a few years now.

We would have been empty nesters these past few years but for the fact that two months before he moved out our oldest daughter and her family moved into our home, joining us in Texas from Calif. This Aug will be three years and it has been such a blessing to have them here. We missed them so much the eight years we were here and they were still there, and it is still such a wonderful feeling to have them here !!

Now that they both have jobs and are ready to be on thier own the obvious next step would be for them to move out and get thier own place, the original plan.

Well, plans have changed and we decided to move out and let them take over the house and pay the payment as rent, which is a win win for all of us. They get a much larger home for the same price as a much smaller rental would go for in this area and we can move up to the Dallas area, closer to work so   my husband  does not have to drive an hour anymore. With gas prices going higher and higher and over 20 years until he retires, we want to be closer to work. Gas savings will be fairly significant and paying utilities on an apartment versus a 85 year old house will be much less as well !!

The main motivation is the drive. He can sleep in later and leave later and get home sooner and this move should add two hours to his home time per day. We are so excited !!

So, in 16 weeks, on July 1, we will be moving into our first place alone , ever as when we got married our son was 13 months old and we had lived with our parents passing him back and forth until our wedding day !! So, for the first time ever, we get to live by ourselves and we are gidddy with excitement, as is our daughter and her husband and thier kids,   it is just as exciting for them to get thier own place as well !!

We have an apartment picked out and our move in date set and are just waiting to see where in the complex a untit will be available. We plan to rent for a couple of years, get debt free and save up for a nice down payment on a house up closer to work.

So, we are very excited about this move and  looking forward to starting an adventure at an age when most people are setting in to where they plan to be.

We have a lot to do, but we will have it all done in time. It is just so exciting to be planning a big change and we are like teen agers moving out for the first time !!

I am sure it will be an adjustment living an hour away from everyone, but we will come visit and we plan to have a monthly get together to make our family tacos and play games.

So, I guess we are never too old to start a new chapter and have an adventure.  This is the first chapter of our adventure as part two will be buying a house and moving again, so on to chapter one …. learning what it is like to be an empty nester for the very first time !!

6 responses to “A new adventure”

  1. So excited for you and David! I know what its like to live so far away from work. I made that 1+ hr. trip my last year of work. How fun to be making a new nest!

    Happy for everyone!


    1. Hi Bonnie, wow you are quick, lol !! It is getting so rough on him working the 12 hour shifts and then driving the long drive on top of it. Right now he leaves at five thirty am and gets home at 8 pm. Once we move he will leave at six fifteen and get home by seven fifteen ! Thanks for you support, it is very exciting , and surprising not scary at all !!
      the kids are so excited and I know they cannot wait either !!! It will be a fun summer for all of us adjusting to the new households !!!

  2. Sounds like an exciting change!! Good luck! Does that mean you have to give up your space in the shop? How fun to be decorating a new place!!

    1. I had already planned to give it up as I am not making much at all. I am maybe making my rent and that is still losing money as that is not taking into account the materials to make my jewelry and the money I spent on the stuff in my stall. It is a very new store and it is early in the year, but once we move an hour away it will not be worth keeping it up. My contract is up June 1, we move July 1 so that works out perfectly !!!

  3. I am excited for you guy’s – It is a bit of an adjustment having an empty nest but it is wonderful – It is not exactly like it was the first time around – IT’S BETTER – Have fun and enjoy this new chapter. Stu

  4. Thanks Stu, but remember Ryan was at our wedding so we never have lived alone, there was no first time around !! This will be our FIRST time living alone so we are so excited !!
    You guys are starting a new chapter too, but get your baby girl and her hubby back home so I know how exciting that is, I hope you enjoy your new chapter too, it will be an exciting year for sure !!

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