Day 63 no caffiene

I have not posted in way too long and figured it was time to get on here and put in some updates !!

I am at day 63 caffiene free and doing great. I have to admit that twice in this last two weeks I had a very small  serving of diet soda with caffiene, only 8 ounces each time, but sometimes when you eat out, water gets tiring, but I did not get refils either time and the cups were f ull of ice and small. I will try hard to not do that again, but this is for life, and once in a while I am going to drink a bit of caffiene but the fact that for 63 days, I have drank mostly water and only two eight ounce servings of c affiene is pretty darn goood, I am not beating myself up over it at all !!

I have to admit the last two weeks I did buy some caffiene free soda for at home, and  I am finishing up my latest bottle and then I am stopping for a while. Old habits are hard to break and when I have diet soda in the house, I drink less water and I need water not soda in my daily diet. I am trying to keep it for special occasions but since I managed to spend the day at our grand daughters third birthday party with only drinking water, I am going to try harder even on special occasions to just drink water or lemon water with stevia in it. The soda is really ripping up my stomach so it is just not worth it at all.

I am going to get my eating back on track this week too, got into some old bad habits and I have got to take back control. It is so darn easy to fall back into those bad eating habits and I have too much health risks at hand to continue being stupid.

Also for some dumb reason I had not taken my vitamins for around two or three weeks and that is something I am usually very good about, but had gotten totally out of the habit, but now I am starting back today and I will take them every single day.

Well, just wanted to check in and keep this blog up to date on my progress.

On a really postive note, no period in 133 days, so getting a lot closer every day to my first half year , and then really looking forward to that year mark as that will mean I am done for good !! I am so ready to be done with this part of my life !! This has been a very happy develoipement for sure !!

Well, on to work, gotta lot of stuff to do and some posting on my angelrose creations b log to do as well today !! 

I am looking forward to a really nice day !!

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