40 days !!!

40 days today of drinking water and no caffeine  I have had a few diet caffeine  free sodas through this time, but only a few, compared  to a two liter bottle a day of the diet dr pepper with caffeine .  I am very committed to not drinking the caffeine as I know it is so bad for me .

I do find it funny that everyone used to tell me, give up the diet soda and you will lose weight, which never made sense to me being it was diet, not regular soda, I however, gained ten pounds, which frustrates me !!  I exhanged it for plain water, so that is not like I am drinking more calories. I am going to get moving and excercise every day and work on my food too. But geez, not even a little bit of a loss !! So much for that theory !!

But, 40 days is great !! On my way to six months caffeine free which is supposed to be how long it takes to get it all completely out of my system !! 

I am very pleased !!!

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