Still going strong !!!

I have not been good at posting, I keep saying I will post more often and t hen I don’t !!

I am still drinking water, all water, everyday. I am at day 16  today and did allow myself a fast food cafffiene free diet coke, but feel so crappy after drinking it, NO MORE !! I have no desire to drink another one and honestly, it just did not taste all that good. I drank it, but I came home with a refill and never finished it, went to the cold water. So, I do not h ave to worry about breaking an addiction, it seems broken already.  I am happy about that.

So, I will keep on going and slowly start working on other things too, but for now, I just want to keep working on something I am doing well and that is the water, and also start excercsing every day for a half hour. I have to do that at least.  30 minutes a day every day starting tomorrow. No more diet changes yet, just water and excercise !! I can do it !!

So, on to day 17 of water, I am really enjoying it a lot !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

2 responses to “Still going strong !!!”

  1. Yay! You are doing great, Steph! I’m so darn proud of you! And the fact that your soda didn’t even taste that good is a miracle – don’t you think???

    I have been drinking lots of water too – so hot and humid for MN! In our steel barn, its very hot so those bottles go down very fast.

    Our first day of our sale went very good – hopefully tomorrow will be good and then we have a month off! Don’t want to stock up on too much for our last sale but will bring over more stuff from our pole barn instead of buying lots more. We sure have lots of stuff!!!

    You are doing fantastic – keep up the good work but be careful in that heat…maybe exercising will be too much?

    Take care,

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, I am so proud of myself. I was a two liter a day diet soda drinker so t his is really big that I am doing so good. I hated water and now I love it !! Never , ever, thought that would happen !!
    I am so happy to hear how well your sale is going day one, and I bet day two will go just as well !!
    Oh, I will walk in the house, I turn the tv on something I like and walk back and forth through our family room for a half hour, in the air conditioning, with the fan and ceiling fan on, trust me, I am not walking outside, I promise !!!
    Let me know how day two goes, I am very excited for you, and hope it is not too hot for you !! That is good you have a lot of inventory and do not have to go out and do a bunch of shopping for the last one !!
    talk to you soon !!

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