opps, haven’t posted in a while again !!

It has been a few days since I posted and I really intended to post every day, so I am going to make a better effort to do that starting today.

Day eleven of only water, no cheats at all, not even a sip. I  gave up sugar and wheat on wed and have had a harder time of that one, the only cheat I had was yesterday at lunch some breaded fish, two croutons and a small amount of dessert at a buffet.  BUT, I drank water and I am so proud of that.

No weight loss at all, not even a half pound this past two weeks, so much for all the people that said, when I gave up diet soda, I lost 20 pounds !! I have been working on portions and doing pretty good. I have not been good at the excercise though, so that is something I really have to start hitting hard, in this heat though, it has just been a bit difficult.

So, I am still very much on track with the water, it is getting easier, but I sure miss my diet Dr Pepper, but I am not sure I can ever even have a sip, I am like an addict with that stuff and I am not sure I could go back to wat er if allowed any diet soda at all.

Been working on my jewelry and I am about to head over to my jewelry blog and post about that.

I am looking forward to hitting two weeks no water this week and see if I can work on the walking !!

Thanks for dropping by !!

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