Day six

I have been confused as to how long I have been drinking water only and finally figured it out. I started on wed July 20, but did not post until after midinight which made it look like I posted on Thursday. I actually started this challenge on Wed morning which puts me at day six and a week tomorrow !! That is very exciting !!

I found I have to drink out of my rubbermaid water bottle. I drink a lot more that way then I do in a cup and that is why the last two days my water has been down so much. I went back to my water bottle and h ave gotten in well  over three  liters today and should hit my goal of four to five today easily. I do not like the taste of water and in the cup I get the full taste of it, but the bottle has a small  opening and I drink it down a lot faster which means I get a lot more in.  I feel a lot better today, my fingers have loosened up and I am feeling pretty much better. Still a bit bloated in my fingers and toes, but noticably better.

So, it is day six, not day five and I am almost to my first week. I do miss my diet  soda and will try my hardest to avoid even a sip anytime soon. I might one day allow a bit of c affiene free, but right now, I have to stay away and break the addiction and who knows, I may never allow that first sip as it could throw me right back into my big time consumption of soda again. The fact I used the word addiction is a clue, but at the same time, the thought of never having anything to drink but water is a bit depressing. I miss some flavor with my meals the most but for now, I am on just water and so far doing just great !!

Looking forward to day seven, end of my first week tomorrow !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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