Day four and going strong !!

Day four of  just drinking water and I am doing good, just need to drink more. I drank a lot per day with the soda and crystal light, and I find since I am not fond of the water, I drink a lot less !!  I feel ike I am a bit bloated, my fingers and toes hurt a bit and have that puffy feel so i will up the water and force myself to drink more and watch the sodium. My carpel tunnel is really bad when I have this slight bloating and it makes it hard to do anything with my hands, type, bead, write, or even just prepare food, miserable. I am doing good and do not miss the soda that much. I know it is better for me to not drink it and sometimes we just have to do what is right, not what we want !!

So, on to day five tomorrow, I am so t hrilled.

Also , tomorrow is the end of the six weeks so anytime I can take out the piercing earrings and wear some of my own, whooo hooo !! I plan to wait though another two weeks and then go in and have the top holes redone as well.  I can’t wait to try on some real earrings again, it has been at least a year !! 

So, anyway, I ate pretty good, and feel great about the efforts I am making to eat better, but right now, the water is my main thing and trying to get started with some excercising too !!

On to day five tomorrow !!

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