another day of success !!

I am glad I am doing so well and on to day four  tomorrow. I am going to work on getting more water in me, I find since it does not taste good to me, I do not drink as much as normal and I need to get enough liquids in per day, especially in this heat.

Tomorrow I have to start watching the sodium, hot dogs, lunch meat, canned stuff like chili, the sodium in them  makes my hands bad. My carpel tunnel acts up really bad with sodium. I made the mistake of eating a hot dog in a cresent roll for breakfast today and I have been paying for it.

Tomorrow, home made oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch , and salmon , sweet potatoes and black beans for dinner. That is the plan.
I am over the hump and getting closer to my first week of only water , more than half way !!  Day four  tomorrow !!

Thanks for dropping by !!

2 responses to “another day of success !!”

  1. You are doing great, Steph! Changing a habit takes a while but you have done a good job of being soda free! Yay!

    Yesterday my organizer was here for 4 hrs. She did most of the work but because she’s upstairs working and I was trying to be downstairs and working on my sewing room. I ended up going up and down the steps….too many times!!! But going up steps is a great exercise – today my problem left hip is a problem again. The good news is I’m down 2# after being on a plateau for weeks. So I’ll be working on trying to keep that 2 off and adding more.

    Drink, Drink, Drink!!! We will see 70+ today but lower dewpoints….so we are so thankful. Doesn’t look like you will be any cooler but we’ll say a prayer for you and your farmers.


  2. it is still hot, but not as bad this past few days as it has been so that is a huge relief !! David put a small window unit in the family room as the central just does not cool that room and when we cook it is miserable and we only have to run it a bit each day and it makes a huge differance !!
    I am glad you are cooling down, and thanks for the prayers, I know the farmers need it badly right now !!

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