Day One Operation water !

Day one went well and I am happy to report I drank only water today and a good amount of it as well. I got in around three or four liters all throughout the day !!

I did not, however, get a chance to excercise, but will make a point of it tomorrow . I did not feel deprived and the cold water was wonderful. I am about to take my vitamins and that is not always pleasant with water, but I will get use to it !!

My weight today was 245 , now I will not weigh in again until  Aug 2.

On to day two …..

One response to “Day One Operation water !”

  1. I exercised…but didn’t go total water…coffee, water, and one Crystal Lite. Today I am home all day!!! Yay! So I have lots to keep me busy – the dewpoint is lower so that is more comfortable. I have new blinds to hang upstairs, linens to price for the sale, continue straightening up sewing room, etc., etc.!

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

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