Changing things up

I have decided the time has come to get serious about getting healthier . My body has been pretty tolerant about my lack of discipline and bad eating and excess weight but it is only a matter of time before I start to see things change.  I cannot stay healthy unless I change the way I do things.

I decided to concentrate on one thing at a time so I can make changes that will stick. I am actually starting with two things, excercise and water.

I love to excercise once I get going, it is just getting started that is the problem. I have to commit and actively do thirty minutes of excercise a day minimum.

Water, I do not drink enough and even when I do I drink too much artifical sweetners on the side. Diet soda, and crystal light and all those kinds of t hings. I will never lose my sweet tooth if I keep on drinking liters of the stuff a day. I have grown to love ice cold water, and now I have to start really drinking it, and only it for the time  being.

I have been taking all my suppliments every day so that is good, but now I will add the daily excercise , which I started today and drink only water, starting tomorrow.  I am s ure it will be uncomfortable giving up my sweet drinks, but I think sometimes we need to be uncomfortable to change for the better. If we stay comfortable we never change.

My weight today is 245 but I had already had water and a can of slim fast so I will weigh in tomorrow and get a more accurate starting weight. I will weigh in every two weeks for now. Aug 2 is the next date I will weigh in. I hope to see at least five pounds off from tomorrows weight. I want to shoot for a goal of 8 to 12 pounds a month. A week to three weeks from now, when I have gotten through the soft drink withdrawel, I will t hen tweak my diet a bit more. For now, watch my calories and eat good healthy foods but as long as I excercise and drink only water for now, that is my focus. Well, and keep taking all my suppliments !!

So, I will work hard to be accountable here, I really do want to make serious changes in my life to get to my goal weight which will make me not only feel better about myself, but make me feel better period. I ache a lot because I am carrying around all that weight, so losing it will help me to feel better !!

So, that is my plan and I will keep daily track of my progress here. I am really excited about it !!

2 responses to “Changing things up”

  1. ok – me too! We weigh the same!!! Now is the best time to begin! I think you are right about just drinking water…no additives even if they are calorie free!

    I already exercise 30 min. x wk. but I could ramp it up a bit…like talk less on the Curves circuit and work more!!! My friends will wonder what is wrong!

    Good luck to us – wouldn’t it be great to be successful???

  2. Hey Bonnie, thanks for stopping by !! Yes, I would be thrilled to have you to help keep me accountable !! I wish I had a place to work out, our curves closed last year and the ymca has gotten very pricey but thier quality is going down as the price goes up. I jsut walk in place or around the house and do leg lifts and arm lifts and run in place, stuff like that !!
    Yes, good luck to both of us, feel free to comment here every day with me so we can keep track of our progress. I will try hard to post everyday even if it is short, no matter if I do good or bad, I have to be accountable !!

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