Finding time is not always easy !!

I have been away from my blogs for way too long, but I am back and plan to be more active at writing here !!

I have started a lot of things lately, among them are watching our oldest daughters kids, our beautiful grand kids while they both work and working on a lot of new stuff jewelry wise and some other fun crafts , one of them being locker hooking, and I have two afgans to finish crocheting and I am tyring to figure out a couple of photos to enter in the Texas Fair, so a lot is going on but I am having fun !! I have started getting up hours earlier to watch the kids and I am shocked at how much I am enjoying getting up so early , it is really rewarding. Even on my days off, I am up by seven and it feels great !!

So, I am back in the blogging saddle again and hope to find things to share, thanks for stopping by !!


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