Updates on life in general !

I have not posted in a while and figured it was time to get writing again !!

I have been working on getting back to my creative side and have been posting new jewelry I made onto artfire.com and started another blog here for the sole purpose of my crafting. I hope to share new ideas and projects there as I try them and hopefully find some like minded people to share ideas with.

I have been working hard on jewelry and some writing projects I have going and some other bead projects along with learning a wonderful new craft called locker hooking, it is so fun !!

I have to step away from face book a bit, I tend to get stuck there playing a puzzled heart game and it is fun, but far from productive so I need to limit my fun time there so I can be more productive, which is what I want. It is so easy to fall into unproductive habits, tv, facebook, and just puttering around doing nothing much of importance through the day !!!

Grandkids still keep my busy and it is very possible I will be adding a full time or fairly full time babysitting job to my l ist soon , as my son in law is hopefullfy soon to be full time employeed, he is very e xcited and we are exctited for him and hoping and praying this job works out as it is right up his alley and what he is trained to do. So, if that happens, I will be sitting when our daughter sleeps as she works nights and once she transfers to day shift I will be sitting for her to work as well. She works four , off two most weeks, so it will be a wacky schedule, changing week to week, but I will have to find a way to work with it and be productive in my business. David is going to be on  day shift , eight hours monday through friday by July so that will help to get me on track a lot better. His 12 hour rotating shift is very distracting and keeps me from having any kind of set schedule.  He has two weekly schedules that alternate, so I am looking forward to a regular normal eight hour five day, monday through friday work week for him, and so is he, badly !!

Getting back on track on my eating and excercise. I got a bit distracted the last couple of weeks and was not d oing my best, but I am determined to get back fully on track this week and start seeing progress again.

So, things are great and getting even better, just a bit up in the air at this point, but by summer, we should all be on a schedule and that will help a lot !!

Thanks for stopping by !! Please check out my creations by angelrose page, I have a link here on this site.

2 responses to “Updates on life in general !”

  1. Wow – lots of changes and good ones! It’s so great that you can help out with the kids. You have lots of irons in the fire so to speak.

    It must feel good to get creative again…I know it is for me. I got stuck in a rut this winter and hopefully, its over!!!

    It’s raining here again…no sign of spring and we have so much to do outside and at the workbench. Oh well – we can only do what we can.

    Sounds like you are having fun too!

  2. I am sorry it took so long to answer you. I have been off my creativity with everything going on around here.
    I am looking forward to getting creative again, just got a bit overwelmed lately and then got sick a week ago. My space is cleaned up and I am ready to get moving again.
    My biggest problem is wanting to do too many things at once and never starting any because I am overwelmed, lol !! An issue I need to tackle.
    I hope your may is going well and you are enjoying yourself at your bench and outside !!!

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