New blog added today !!!

I finally set up a blog to do my jewelry on. I want to use that one to show new stuff I am doing, crafts and jewelry both.

My generous friend Bonnie sent me a book and some materials to learn locker hooking and I bought a rotory cutter and dug out my  thin plastic cutting boards and David found me a one inch wide metal ruler he had stashed somewhere , so I can get started and I will post my progress on my new blog I have tried to hook them up together but so far I am not having much luck. It is called Creationsbyangelrose because Angelrosecreations was taken, and probably by me but I could not find the log on stuff so I was stuck. Artfire made me use the same name becuasae someone had Angel Rose’s Creations, so I could not do my legal business name, I had to do this one instead. KInd of frustrating when they are actually differant names, just slightly but still differant

Anyway. I am excited to accomplish a lot this week. I want to get started on a locker hooking project,  list more on artfire and open an ebay store as well. I want to work on some steam punk type jewelry and organize my room again as it is out of control again !!! I have my work cut out for me, that is for sure !!!

So, it will be a fun and very busy week for me this next seven days !! I cannot wait to start posting about my locker hooking !!

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