Enjoying my day

I got up today and just decided to enjoy my day and come what may !! I will do some housework, watch some tv and play on the computer and enjoy the beautiful view outside !!

I am working on figuring out the things I love to do to get to the bottom of what I  want to be and do for the future, but just for today I am putting that aside and enjoying the day, something I do not  always do !

I got up at nine and made breakfast and enjoyed watching Oprah, which made me cry because she found out she had a sister that she did not know she had, her mom had given up a baby for adoption when she was a child, and being adopted, it really hit me hard seeing the emotion.  It brought back my emotions when I found my birth family and then lost touch again which was harder than never finding them at all in some ways.

I guess some things in our past just never leave us even from childhood, so  I am sure that has defined some of who I am. I think that is why I work so hard to help our kids and enjoy them around me so much, even when I am worn out from it, lol !!

So, for today, I am enjoying the day and talking to a friend on the phone as I type and going to just take in this wonderful life I have and let the future reveal itself over time.  I think I have been trying too hard to find myself and it is time to back off and just enjoy the day each day and know I will figure it out when I am ready !!!

2 responses to “Enjoying my day”

  1. Steph-

    I’m glad you are just enjoying your day! I was next to a woman at Curves today who said their new saying at work is: It is what it is! I guess you can look at that with a negative or positive view…let’s go with a positive slant.

    Sometimes life is beyond our control if we want to help our kids…then “It is what it is” until it changes. Life is a struggle for our kids…whether its their jobs, relationships, and/or finances!

    Get that crocheting out and finish that baby blanket for your young grandgirl (if I remember right).

    That would be difficult to lose track of your birth family again but hopefully your adoptive family is your backup support. And then if that isn’t perfect…there is that hubby of yours and the family you’ve created. Sounds like a good life to me….if not challenging at times. But no one ever told me it would be easy! Enjoy! I’m going to go pack, clothes are in the dryer and the bars are almost done. Yay! I really do plan on taking a nap because I never sleep that good away from home.

    I want to acknowledge your son and son in law in the service, how proud you must be and how scary it is to have them in that part of the world. I will say prayers for them and their families and buddies.

  2. I think that is why it hit me hard about my birth family. My adoptive parents are both gone now and I have for extents and purposes all but lost touch with my adopted sister and brother. I have reached out a few times and nothing. So, my family with David is my family. Another reason perhaps I want to do so much to help them, I know how it feels to not have a family to back you. I always want them to know we have thier back. It is a hard time to be raising a family, so we try our best.
    I like that saying , it is what it is, that is a great saying , because it is really true. Things in our life, are what they are and we have a choice on how to deal with them.
    We can make anything a positive or a negitive in our life depending on our attitude. I am chosing positive each day as it is a constructive way to view our lives and I believe we attract more good with a positive attitude as well.
    Thank you for your prayers. We remain always proud of our boys in the military and are impressed daily with how our daughter and daughter in law support them and hold up the fort when they have to go away. They are strong and amazing women !!!

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