My day today

Well, despite my best intentions, my plan did not take place today. I got a call early from my husband asking if we could change our dental appts for tomorrow so he could work. I had to get in for a recent tooth issue so I changed to this afternoon . Now, normally that would have left all day to do what I wanted to do, but since I had promised our youngest daughter I would baby sit for her to go to the doctor , I had to make arrangements with my son in law who also needed me to sit so he could call about jobs and then he got a chance to go in and fill out an application so I ended up sitting until minutes before we left for the dentist, right after my husband got home.

I am completely worn out from the day. I am used to sitting on the sofa all day with occasional trips to my desk since my surgery friday. I spent all day upright in a desk chair and babysitting and reading and add to that the complete stress about the dentist appt, I am just plain wiped out !! We went to the store and dropped off the prescriptions the dentist wrote me as I cannot get in for my crown until two weeks from today so she wants to take the precaution , especialy while healing from surgery of antibiotics. so, we dropped it off and then hit a couple of stores in search of pumpkins for our kids to carve with thier kids tomorrow night and I wanted a couple of pie pumpkins for Thanksgiving. So, mission accomplished we dropped them off at home and went back and picked up the prescription, they were in the back of a pick up so we had to take them home frist, and the grabbed our car and got the prescriptions and then shower and tv and now here I am.

So, I will do better tomorrow, but I came here and posted twice so I am  happy about that. It has been a tiring day, but a good one. Tomorrow will be a great one as well.

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