Gifts and Thanks

I watched Oprah tonight and she discussed with Julie Andrews the gift of her voice and again with a young child the gift of her amazing voice and the child spoke of how she thanks God three times every night so He knows she is grateful and it made me think about the fact that we all have gifts that God has given us, whether we chose to use them or not and maybe it is time to start thanking Him for the gifts he has given me . Oh, I thank him for my family and for keeping us safe and healthy and watching over us, but what about the things he has given me. Artistic abitilty, writing , though still growing,  written words are friends to me  , the abitilty to strike up a conversation just about anywhere , with just about anyone, when I want to. Those are g ifts and I am very grateful for them along with the fact I have a good and  inquistive mind. I love to learn new things and explore . These gifts are as wonderful as the things I do thank Him for, so from this day forward, I will thank Him every night for these gifts as well. I think sometimes we feel concieted if we are good at something and acknowledge it, but why ? Everyone has somethign they are very good at. Cooking, baking, finances, organizing, crafts, photography, writing, drawing, painting, athletics, you name it, the list is endless and we should all thank God daily for these wonderful gifts. The gift of communication when are able to express ourselves just right when important , the ability to solve a weighty problem with a friend, to console a heartbroken child, these are gifts in our life too. We feel good and accomplished when we do those things, but we never think of them as a gift , something we are good at. They are just something we do.

We need to own our gifts and acknowledge or gifts and be proud of our gifts along with nuturing them and helping them to grow. When we hide them under a basket and do not l et anyone see them they are still valuable, but not doing what gifts are supposed to do, make others happy. If we can make people smile, or make them think, or make them stand up for something, or just give them pleasure through our art or word, we are allowing God to shine through us at our best.

So, I plan to claim my gifts and thank God every night for all of them. Both the tangeble ones and the ones you cannot touch. They are all precious and important to me and to Him. I will thank Him three times tonight, just so He really knows how lucky I feel. Out of the mouths of babes.

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