Another day under my belt

I ate good again today but the gall bladder is still not feeling completely better. I am going to get in and see the doctor as soon as I can,


four brown rice cakes with tomato , lightly brushed with olive oil


chickfia broiled chicken sandwich on ww bun with lettuce and tomato


ww spagetting and classico roaster tomato and garlic sauce and


measured serving bowl of Kashi cereal with non fat milk.

227.5  almost two hours earlier than I usually weigh in and bs was 94, so that was great results !!!

One response to “Another day under my belt”

  1. I am very happy to hear that the discomfort has eased up for you..Your diet seems very well balanced and apparently it is doing you some good. I will be looking forward to what your Doctor has to say about your physical status and what is your best course of action. Please keep me posted on that:)

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