Bad behavior !!

I have been bad the last two days. I have stayed in the basic guidelines of my plan, but ate too much and finished off the chocolate our youngest daughter got me. I am very pms’y and it shows, lol !!

I had around 1900 calories today, which is more than I should have had, but still way under what I was eating to get fat.  I am done with the candy now and will not pick up any more, and did not buy this to begin with, lol,  so I should start seeing the scale move again. I can tell I am still shrinking as things are looser when I put them on and I can just feel that I am smaller.

So, I have been somewhat bad, but I am fine with it. this is about life changes and being bad sometimes is just how it is. lol. I have no plans to continue my bad behavior and I plan to work very hard to get back on track, but I had a few days of being a bit lazy and having what I wanted, again, within the boundries of my plan. whole grains, low fat and low sugar. The chocolate is dark chocolate and the timing was perfect , just when I was dealing with the tom cravings and symptoms  it showed up, lol. Now it is gone, and I will not buy any more for a while, and if by some chance, I get some more as a gift, I will have to put it in the freezer, or have my husband hide it, lol !!

So, no more bad behavior for a while. I think you sometimes have to be bad and enjoy what you miss within reason or you will lose your mind and get off track completely. This is how I plan to live, watching the calories and fat and sugar so if once ina  while I let loose for a couple of days, that is fine as long as I turn it back around right away.

I will get up tomorrow with a commitment of behaving and eating what I should, not what I want to eat !!

One day at a time, that is all I can do !!

I am about to start liter three of water for today, so I will get in three total liters for sure, so that is great !!

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