That time of month !

Woke up to 229 but ate late last night so I was not surprised. I also woke up to that time of the month, so that probably also played a hand in the scale being up two pounds.

I ate a few things I should not  have today, but still kept the calories on the higher end of  my allowed amount , but I just needed my chocolate and my wonderful youngest daughter brought me a dark chocolate bar with roasted almonds and I ate it all, lol. Bad girl, lol !! I decided since I have been on this plan for almost ten weeks and have been very good, a few bumps this week is fine. On some plans I know they have you take a break for a week and I am not doing that, but ate a bit bad but still overall did okay for today other than the chocolate bar !!! I will get my act together, and do not have any plans to change  my diet from the course I have been on this ten weeks , I have too many health goals to make, weight loss, normal cholesterol and blood sugar and healthy gall bladder. I am not messing around with any of that. So, even when I have a ” bad ” day, it is not that bad because I still stay within the boundaries I am allowed, I jsut eat a bit more then I should. I allow myself one serving of the choc bar every day, but ate all three today. Luckily I ate ie early enough that I will be up at least five hours after I ate it. I will not do that again, but I do not regret doing it. This is a life change, not a temp. diet, so sometimes I am going to let loose for a meal or even a day, but that will be the extent of it. There are certain lines I will not cross, ie, a hamburger, a hotdog, grilled cheese and so on. I did have some homemade crunchy tacos but we drained the meat well and the taco shells were very small but that was my only bad meal. My breakfast was the high fiber healthy oatmeal with sweet and low instead of sugar, and lunch was a can of black beans with some low fat cheese and fresh onion in it. Dinner was the tacos and some green leaf lettuce and tomato and onion on the crunchy taco shells and ground beef. I will not be eating any more of it. My gall bladder did not get mad about it so I think the fat was not too bad, and I am very careful to not push it and cause myself pain.

So, I am hoping to see the scale back at the 227 and then lower than that soon. I will get moving on it and really watch the calories so I can see some good progress soon  !!

I am on my second liter of water and will finish it and had a lot of diet caff free soda with a lot of ice in it today.

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow !!

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