A much better day today !!

The scale did not change, but my mood did. I was still 227 today but I feel much better. I am not really sure what in the heck happened yesterday, but I was in a bad mood !! I think pms had a lot to do with it, but I am over it, just like I knew I would be.

It is hard sometimes to see how slowly it is going, but I am fine. I know the scale will move again, it seems to sit for a week or so and then go down a pound or two, so I will see it move soon I am sure.

Ate good, but with a lot going on, did not measure like normal so I am not completely sure about Calories but would estimate them at about the same as yesterday, around the 1600 or so range.

Looking forward to another successful day.

One response to “A much better day today !!”

  1. I am still on track. I am eating great doing all my workouts and drinking my water. I am limiting myself to 2 cups of coffee and the rest of the day is water. It is fine with me. I made tea for the family yesterday and did not want any at all. I knew all the sugar would make me sick. On free day I tried to eat a piece of cake but it was sooo sweet I gave it to tommy. I did not even eat half of it and it was a very small piece. Jeremy is going to have a tournament in Lubbock in July and that worries me but I have plenty of time to plan. And I know I can always get a grilled chicken sandwich if I have to. But I will start planning way ahead and make sure I take plenty of food with me and take an ice chest and all hotels have ice machines so I know I can keep it full of ice. I hope your day goes great call me if you get bored. Laurie

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