New challenge, working on fiber

I am working harder on fiber now as IBS has been a challenge for me for over a decade and I am tired of dealing with it. I have got to get that min 25 grams in a day so my body will work the best it can.

I woke up a pound higher today at 228  but I do think it has something to do with the fiber issue. If things are not moving as they should, weight can be slowed, so I have to make a huge point of at least the 25 and aim for more each day.

I hit it hard today and I am already up to 27 grams of fiber and still have some snacks and dinner to eat, so no doubt I can get to over 30 today.

I did great on the fiber, right at 45 grams, so this better get things moving, lol !! I did go a bit high on calories as I had not planned on eating out at dinner when I ate for the day and then last minute went out and had a very healthy dinner with Laurie and we had fun,  but more calories then I had planned for the day,but it is okay, it was around 2000 for the day  but extremely healthy and low fat and very high in fiber so I am okay with that, but will keep it down by the 1500 range tomorrow !!
I did pretty good on the water, I hit three and a half liters, not quite the four, but close enough and I am happy with that. I also had some diet soda too. I put a lot of ice in it as usual.

All in a ll, I think it was a very good day !!

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