A day at a time

<>Well, I am grateful that I got up today at eight and weighed myself and I had not gained an ounce from yesterday despite my big opps at dinner. I got up for the day at ten and weighed myself again and I was down a half pound to 226.5 but I still count the 227 as my official weight as that is the time I weigh in every day , between eight and nine.

I find the hardest thing is not really seeing much differance in the mirror. When you have so much to lose, it takes so long before the changes are really noticable to yourself. Oh, other people who have not seen me make comments, but other than my clothes being noticably looser, I can’t see it.

Thinking about that last night and how frustrated I have gotten in the past when I was no as dedicated to good health as I am this time around, I realized it is just something I have to deal with one day at a time. I cannot rush it. I will not give up. I just have to get up each day and make the important choices that help my health and contribute to my goals, and see the big pictures always in front of me. Thank hard about what I am working towards, great health , no meds needed, and feeling and looking better and better each month.

So, just a day at a time, like we always hear, but it is so true. I can’t worry about tomorrow, I cannot regret yesterday, I just have to look at each decision I make today as impacting the future days and what will happen and make the best decisions I can each day to make the next day better.

One day at a time. Period.

Well, I ended today on a much better note  food wise. My husband and I wanted to go out for dinner and looked online at some of the low cal choices in our favorate restaurants and decided on Outback steakhouse where we could each have some of thier whole grain bread, a small loaf apiece, a piece of grilled chicken and some wonderful fresh steamed veggies. I ended up getting two batches of veggies because mine did not have the squash, so I only ate half of the chicken breast and brought the other half home for tomororw.

My calorie count for today is 1545 which is  great.

I am on my third liter of water, it is harder to get all four in when my husband is off as we are running here and there but the next two days I will be home so I will have no problem getting all four in Sat and Sun.

My clothes are so much looser today, I cannot believe it. I am wearing a shirt that I have not been able to wear since I bought it. I had bought two shirts that had ties in back that look like this and fit good but the three others one with tie backs and two without were tighter and I never returned them. Now, they are so big, I cannot wear the tie back ones that did fit and the other three will not fit me for long, they are all of a sudden getting to big.

I am happy with how today went and plan on having every day be like this. No more gonig out to eat without researching it first. I am sure from time to time, we will not be able to, but we will just asked for grilled chicken or fish and veggies and that should be perfect.

I am really looking forward to seeing 225 on that scale, only two more pounds till I reach that goal !!!

2 responses to “A day at a time”

  1. I had a good day today I ate good and drank my water. I had a 6 inch chicken breast sub for dinner and got a diet coke it tasted so good I have not had a soda in almost a week. I’ve been trying to stay away from it but it was a wonderful treat. I have been doing great and working out everyday, now I am ready to start seeing some changes.

  2. Good job, I am sure you will start seeing the results you want very soon. Your hard work will pay off !!!

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