Getting closer every day !!!!

I am so thrilled !! I got on the scale and it was 227 today !!! I am making sure to eat good, no eating after dinner, and eating the right amount of calories and mostly drinking the water , plenty of water.

I will check back later today to put in my calories for the day.

Well, I am back and a bit ticked off, lol. I ate so well, or so I thought, but then came home and got online and according to olive garden, that salad that I had two bowls of, has 350 calories each, I was pretty upset. I ordered whole wheat pasta with Marinara sauce and grilled chicken and depsite being starving ate only half of it, according to the calories, I would have been better off eating my entire dinner and not eating the darn salad, I am pretty mad. I had only one breadstick because I know they have 140 to 150 calories depending on whether or not they have the butter on them, which ours didn’t.

I have read two differant sites, one swears they are accurate and they put the salads at 290 each, but olive garden on thier web site said 350. So, next time, dry salad and olive oil and vinegar on the side with no parm cheese, croutons or olives, which I only had one or two croutons and no olives and the parm cheese was not that heavy, so I am not sure what we really ate. The first bowl of salad was pretty dry, the second one had more dressing on it. If everything I got from KFC on thier grilled chicken meal , green beans and the mashed potatoes and gravy, which the manager of ours said they are not allowed by the owner to add the butter in, so thier calories on the mashed and gravy are actually less then the web site says, but if all is accurate, despite eating half of my dinner, I had almost 2300 calories today. I walked off about 100 on the treadmill and if I can subtract some for the salad and the mashed, maybe I was at about 1900 to 2000, still hundreds above what I planned to eat.

Tomorrow I will get it down to 1200  to 1400 period. I am working too darn hard, and seeing too good of results to make this kind of mistake again . From now on, I do not go to a restaurant withtout pulling up their calories and making sure what I can eat. I am not messing around here and this really upset both me and my husband. We are both fitting in clothes we had not thought we would fit in yet and we are working too hard. There is no room for laziness or stupidity when you are trying so hard to get to your goals.

I am being rough on myself because I know better and said I would not do this again. I spent the frist six weeks not paying attention to the calories or water, just making healthier choices, but now that is not good enough. I am trying to get my health to a place where my doctor will not want me on diabetic meds, cholesterol meds and where I will not have to have gallbladder surgery. This is big time serious.

So, I am letting it go, no choice, but it will not happen again, period. Too much is at stake, I want that scale to continue to go down, and I have to be on top of this. I have never felt like this in my life, I am determined to be the healthiest fittest and thinest I have been in my adult life. Healthy weight, healthy body.

2 responses to “Getting closer every day !!!!”

  1. That is so awesome you are about to pass me up. You are doing great. I am so proud of you, I keep braggin about you to my mom she is also proud of you. Keep it up. Love ya.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate the support so much, it means a lot and tell your mom thanks too, next time I see her I hope to shock her with how differant I look, lol !! I am very determined, I do not even recognize myself,my attitude, I have never been this way before. I am determined to get to goal and nothing is going to get in my way, encluding myself.

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