Hit the twenties !!!

I am beyond thrilled. I got up at eight and weighed myself and the scale said 229 and then when I got up for the day at nine forty five, just for the fun of it, I weighed myself again, and it was 228, so that was very exciting !!!

It is so amazing to be down in the twenties, and I am heading toward the teens, and hope to hit them by my birthday next month. I have three weeks to get there. I am getting the water down and eating very well and it is working !!!

I will check back again later.

Okay, I ate great and had a good day food wise. I had some slim fast for breakfast with frozen fruit in it and then some roasted chicken and broc for lunch and salmon and steamed veggies and salad for dinner and my calories for the day were around 1400. I got most of my water in as well, so that is good !!

Looking forward to a great tomorrow.

3 responses to “Hit the twenties !!!”

  1. That is so awesome. I am so proud of you. Today so far I have eaten clean and had 2 cups of coffee then nothin but water. I just got my upper body workout done and boy am I shaking. So far so good.

  2. I am glad you had a good day !! Just be careful with the excercise since you are not sure if you have another hernia. I would hate for you to hurt yourself in any way !!
    I hope the rest of your day went just as well !!

  3. I don’t do anything that works the abs. The only things i’m doing are legs and arms. I am starting to think it is scar tissue and not a hernia because one of the girls that was in my a&p class had the same thing after having hernia surgery and hers is scar tissue, but I will know for sure later.

    I did have a good day I finally have energy again. I have been drinking only water and coffee, but today I am going to get some crystal light or something like it because I want a little flavor sometimes maybe I will get some lemon and make my own I don’t know yet. I have been eating perfect, I am not writing down my food but I tink I will start today just to make sure I am not going over or not getting enough. Last time I did bfl I found I was not eating enough and I did not have the energy to finish a workout. I also have to make sure I get enough veggies. But it is all good the scale still sits on 220 but that is ok I know I am doing the right thing and it will start moving soon. I feel great I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit so that is all that matters. Love ya, Laurie

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