Lucky break

Well, despite my going over the calories I should eat yesterday by not paying attention, I got up to a low weight, still at 230.5 so that was a huge relief. Now today, I will watch my intake and be sure to get all my water and I hope to see the twenties in the next couple of days.

I have some pretty bad allergies today, eyes watering and sneezing and sore throat, just awful. I cranked up the air and will stay inside as much as possible and hopefully it will help. I did also take a benedryl. I will make sure to take them every four hours today. It has been an hour since I took it and no relief in sight yet. lol.

I am going to really hit the water hard today in hopes that will help a lot too.

I will check back tonight and put my much lower calories for today !!

3 responses to “Lucky break”

  1. I also woke up to a good number on the scale it was 215. I was glad to see that but will watch it over the next couple days to see if it stays there or goes up or down. Down would be best. I am going to go do cardio before I pick jeremy up and then off to a baseball game. So far I have in a good amount of water and will get in alot more throughout the day. I have eaten good and will eat again after my workout later. Have a great day. I will check back in later.

  2. I had a good day food wise and stuck fairly well to my calorie range. I am ending my eating for the day at just over 1700 calories which is a bit higher than the 1200 to 1500 I shoot for, but it is okay as it is all low fat and healthy and still much lower than I used to eat. I am on my third liter of water and should no problem get my four liters plus in today.
    Biggest loser ends tonight so that is exciting , can’t wait to watch !!
    Good job I am happy you are doing so well !! I look forward to hearing how the rest of your day went, I will check in one last time as well !!

  3. My day went well. I did go workout I did cardio yesterday and it kicked my butt. Jeremys game went til 10:30 so I did not get home til about 11 and went straight to bed so I did not get to check in one more time last night. Today is my upper body workout so it will be FUN!!!

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