Got to pay attention

I have got to pay attention to what I am doing. I blew it today without meaning too. I had a bit of a stressful day as we are trying to refi and I ate what I thought was healthy and it all was healthy but it was twice as many calories as I should have eaten today. I ended up with just over 2500 calories eating very healthy food. that is from not adding up the caloires as I went, which I normall do, and that is what happens when you are not paying attention. It was all healthy thank goodness, but it was too much food. None of the meals were big, it was just too many high calorie snacks and small meals, I had five meals and snacks combined and all the calories combined where just way too much. So, that will not happen again.

This is what happens when you do not plan well and do not keep track through the day.

No beating myself up but I will pay much more attention from now on. Thank goodness it was all healthy low fat and whole grain food, but geez, just when the scale was moving I had to go and  make a big mistake, hopefully it will not go up , and if it does, not much.

Well, onto a better and more controled day tomorrow !!

One response to “Got to pay attention”

  1. I had a good day, I did finally get in my workout. It was 6 before I did it but I did it. I ate good and drank alot of water but I still need to get in more water. I keep forgetting to weigh myself but that is ok. I am feeling better already and that is what really matters. All in all it was a good day. Laurie

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