Sunday May 10, 2009 A great start to Mother’s Day

I am very excited today. I got up to a new number on the scale, 230.5. This means I have officially lost twenty pounds !!  One more pound and I am in the twenties and cannot wait !!
I ate a bit too many calories yesterday but ate good and did not eat a single bite of food after dinner.

I will check back later today and add my food for the day and how many calories I had today.

Okay, I had a good day and ate pretty good but probaby ate a bit more than I should have for dinner, but it was mothers day so I allowed myself that treat.

For breakfast I had a slim fast with a half cup of frozen blueberries and a cup of frozen strawberries in it and a yogurt so around 360 calories.

For lunch we went to IHOP and I had thier lite chicken balsamic which said on the menu with the salad with fat free dressing it was a total of just under 500 caloires so around 820 for the day at that point.

Dinner, I am not sure of the calories. We cooked up very lean ground turkey breast and made enchiladas with low fat 2 percent cheese and cooked tomato and bell pepper and onion with the ground turkey breast and made enchiladas with corn tortillas and commercial enchilada sauce.

I made a huge bowl of homemade salsa with vine riped tomatos, red onion, fresh pressed garlic, anaheim and bell pepper, fresh cilantro and fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice and organic sea salt. I  made fresh home guacamole with fresh avocados mashed and mixed with some of the fresh salsa. I also made home made refried beans with fresh crock pot cooked pintos and a dash of olive oil in the pan and some of the bean broth and mashed them good and added organic sea salt and a dash of the commercial enchilada sauce.

We cut up fresh corn tortillas into wedges sprayed them with pam and baked them for baked corn chips, mmm, very good. So all the food I ate was healthy and low fat, I probably ate too much of it is the problem !!!

I will not make a habit of it, I was just enjoying it as a mothers day treat. For our dessert we had two squares each, which is half a serving of the 65 and 85 percent cacoa chocolate bars, one square of each . Not even an ounce .

I got most of my water in but will fall a bit short of the four liters. Probably will have a total of 3 liters.

So, that was my day. It was a nice mothers day and I think I did good considering I had a fun meal for mothers day.

One response to “Sunday May 10, 2009 A great start to Mother’s Day”

  1. Sunday was good also but it was free day. I only had one free meal instead of going all out all day. My free meal was a big one we went to red lobster with mom and granny and i ate alot. But today is a new day and it is back to business. I keep forgetting to weigh in but on Friday I was at 217. I will keep up on todays food and exercise better than I did over the weekend.

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