Saturday May 9, 2009 my weight and food for the day

I was very excited to get up at 8:30 and weigh in at 231.5 that is a pound down and the first pound lost in almost two weeks. When I got up for the day at ten thirty I decided to get on the scale again for the fun of it adn it was at 230 , that is very exciting. I am however counting the 231.5 as that is the time I weigh in most days but seeing that lower number lets me know it is on its way soon at my normal weigh in time.

I am excited to be getting close to the twenties, I cannot wait !! My goal is by my birthday to get down to 218, and that give me just under a month to get there.

I am aiming for my gallon of water again today and this will make three days in a row of the four liters. I also fill a liter at night that I drink when I get up through the night and it has been about a liter a night that I do not count in my water for the day , it is just extra.

I am sticking to the 1200 calories again today, that seems to be a good number to help me lose.

I will check back later with my food and calories for the day.

2 responses to “Saturday May 9, 2009 my weight and food for the day”

  1. Okay, I am writing this on Sunday because I forgot to come back last night and list my food for the day and here is is.
    breakfast a yogurt
    Lunch a tuna roll up using the left over tuna from the day before on a whole wheat high fiber tortilla with tomato and red leaf lettuce and onion and avocado
    Olive garden
    I had some whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and some grillled chicken of which I ate half and then four breadsticks which was not smart, lol, and a nice serving of salad.
    My entire days came out to around 1535 calories and I did not eat a single thing but just drank my water and some diet soda the rest of the night. I ate this meal early and finished before six pm.
    I got in my gallon of water to, so that was great !!
    It was a good day.

  2. Saturday was good. We had baseball all day so eating was a chore. I did good though. I did have 2 meal replacement bars which probably had too much sugar but I am not making a habit of it. I was not able to workout as the college gym was closed because of some event they were having. But it was a good day.

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