just some thoughts

I have not been posting on any subjects but my weight lately and the point of the blog was to help me with all aspects of my l ife.

I am  seeing a change in my entire life since  truely embracing the law of attraction and using my thoughts and feeling more productively. Things are going so well for us and I am excited to see the positive changes going on.

Finances are great, overtime has been coming consistantly but we have to get better at using the money more wisely and saving more of it, as we have not been saving lately at all and that is a habit we have to embrace to have the future we want to have. 

I do not have too much to say today, my allergies and the benedryl  am taking for them is not helping me to be very productive but the pecans should be done dropping thier pollin soon and I will be back to feeling myself again, but at least the benedryl keeps the worst of the symptoms away and I am doing pretty good even with the allergies.

Excercise is my next frontier and that is something I want to really get into this next week. I know it is vitally important to feeling and looking my best.

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