Friday May 8 , 2009 my daily calories and other things

I got up to the same weight I was yesterday 232.5 but I have been taking benedryl the last two days and I am sure that has to have some impact on weight loss. I am miserable with these allergies.

I am working on my water today and plan to eat very clean and take my vitamins which I always forget to take.

My goal is the full gallon or more of water throughout the day.

Looking forward to that scale moving down again soon.

3 responses to “Friday May 8 , 2009 my daily calories and other things”

  1. I have been on track today. I just got done with my upper body workout and I am still shaking. I have had a good amount of water but not enough since we had to go to a funeral. That was not fun but we did skip the dinner afterward because I know the indians don’t cook healthy food not even close. I will post more later. Laurie

  2. Good decision, I have no doubt from what you have told me about thier food at events that it would have been a disaster.
    I ate perfect today and had around 1100 calories and have a bit of room left for a snack a bit later.
    I had a yogurt for breakfast which was 50 calories
    For lunch I mixed a full 6 oz can of orgainc wild caught albacore tuna with a small avocado, about a third of an onion chopped. half a small tomato and two tablespoons of lite omega mayo and ate about half of it in two whole wheat tortillas.
    The calories for this meal, for the half I ate were no more than around 480 but probably less as I figured in all the tomato and avocado and I only hate around half of each.
    I had a snack later of two mini whole wheat bagels with half of a tablespoon each, 2 tablespoons total of whipped cream cheese. The total for the snack is 290.
    dinner was wonderful.
    I cooked salmon in pam and served it with a half cup of brown and wild rice and a cup of steamed frozen green beans.
    this meal was right at 300 calories.
    MY total calories for the day is 1120 which is great !!!
    If I have a snack I will add that in later.

  3. Had my snack, a 50 calorie yogurt so that makes my calories for the day under 1200. 1170. And I probably overfigured the calories a bit. But I do not mind claiming the almost 1200 for the day.
    I am feeling a bit weird tonight. A bit out of breath and light headed, and I am not sure why, but it probably has something to do with all the benedryl I have taken the last two days. I may have to take a break from it tonight.
    I got my four liters of water in and my vitamins.
    Looking forward to a good day again tomorrow !!

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