Thursday May 7 , 2009

Well, the water made a huge differance. After drinking a gallon yesterday my weight dropped way down to 232.5 again for the first time since last Monday. I have to get that gallon in a day, period. It makes that much differance to my body and I cannot help but wonder how much more I would have lost this past two months had I just drank it. Makes me mad at myself, lol !!

I am starting the day out with a slim fast shake with a banana, half cup of frozen blueberries and  full cup of frozen strawberries and a small handfull of frozen black berries in it but I forgot the yogurt today !! That is okay. It tastes great and will help me get off to a good day.

I will comment later on my meals and water for the day.

3 responses to “Thursday May 7 , 2009”

  1. Had a good day today. Ate good and got more than my gallon of water in. I am on my fifth liter tonight.
    In addition to the breakfast I listed I had lunch at Applebees with Laurie and had grilled chicken breast and a small amount of oven roasted red potaoes and some steamed broc and a salad of baby greens with olive oil and vinegar. I picked off the croutons and picked off as much of the cheese and bacon as I could, which was most.
    For dinner I ate kind of stupid because I had taken two benedryl for horrible allergies and I had two mini whole wheat bagels with a bit of whipped cream cheese on them just enough to coat them, not a thick layer and then a can of light chicken and wild rice vegetable soup which was low sodium, and two slices of Ezekial whole grain bread toasted with a bit of butter on it. just a taste, not a full serving adn that was it. Nikki gave me a small square of dark chocolate with almond chips in it and that is all I had. She gave me two more squares to eat later and I saved them. that is a huge step for me.
    I probably had around 1600 calories today if I had to make an educated guess. I tried to overfigure the calories a bit.
    My allergies are horrid and miserable and I cannot believe I am up at ten almost eleven after taking two benedry hours ago. I believe it is the pecans catkins dropping thier pollin, it is horrid !!!
    No excercise excpet for a few hours of walking around thrift stores looking around. Which means I did not sit around all day but was on my feet and that is good !!

  2. Oops forgot to post yesterday. I went to bed quite early because I was exhausted. Yesterday was good I ate all my meals and walked for 30 min. on the treadmill. I probably could’ve drank more water but I did drink alot. My legs were very sore from wednesdays lower body workout. But it is a good kind of sore. I am looking forward to another good day. It would be much better if we did not have to go to a funeral. Have a great day, Laurie

  3. I am glad you had a great day. Before you know it you will have been on your plan for weeks and be seeing a lot of progress !!
    I am sorry you have to go to a funeral. I hope that otherwise you have a nice day tomororw.

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