Ongoing battles

I have not seen any weight come off in a couple of weeks but I have made a few unwise food choices and not drank enough water the last couple weeks.  I am back on the water and limiting the  diet soda. It is a bad habit I fight all the time.

My friend Laurie is going to come here and comment and we are going to keep each other accountable so we both stay on track. I hope it will help us both.

So I will post tonight and starting tomorrow post my weight every morning and then posting my meals and all food every night.

4 responses to “Ongoing battles”

  1. I weighed myself this evening so not completely accurate but close enough. I am at 220 and I hate that. I started body for life for real today and did my first workout. I did my lower body workout. I can already feel some soreness so tomorrow should be interesting. I have drank two huge cups of water today so far and plan on 2 more. I will post more tomorrow. Laurie

  2. Day one, how wonderful !! It is always hardest the first week or two until you see some results. I am so glad you are starting 30 pounds less than when I started, that makes a huge differance !! That is 30 pounds less that you have to lose that I have had to work at. I am still 13 pounds higher than you are two months in. Imagine where I would be if I had started at your starting weight !!! . I hope to get into the twenties soon, I am aiming for 225 by my birthday in a month !!
    I am glad you are back on your plan and we will keep each other accountable here !!!

  3. Today was a good one. I drank a gallon of water and got in 5 small meals. I feel good and I look forward to tomorrow. Steph I am sooo proud of you for what you are doing. You are doing great and a year from now you will look back and see how far you’ve come and won’t believe it. You are doing great. Together we will conquer this battle we have been fighting for far too long. Love ya and keep up the great work. Laurie

  4. I am proud of you too for getting back on the wagon, it is a tough day getting started but each day will add up to success.
    I am happy to be losing and should see much better results with the water back up to where I need it.

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