Health updates

Had to go see the specialist today about my gallbladder and it was pretty good news. He says at this point I do not have to have surgery but he is more than willing to do it if I decide I want it. He says if I stay on my diet I can possibly put it off indifinately but can’t say that I would never need it, it just depends on what I do and what my body does in reaction to what I do, lol !!

I am sticking to the low fat diet and seeing how far that will take me. He did confirm that being this overweight makes me more prone to  developing stones and losing weight will help with not making more new ones . Only time will tell if I can avoid the surgery altogether but I am going to work hard and see if I can. I really do not want to go through that expereince if I can avoid it.

So, good news for now, and I plan to work hard to keep it there !!

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