Keeping on

Despite my best intentions, weeks have gone by again without a post !! I just want to be accountable and I have to make a point of it.

I am doing well and still losing. Very slowly but steadily and same for my hubby. We both lose a pound and then go up and down and up and down and then settle back at that new low, and then go down another pound or half a pound and go up and down again for days before we settle on that next new number. It is kind of frustrating but since we are both doing it, it is a bit easier to take.

I have lost around 19 pounds, so that is not too bad in seven weeks, well Friday will be seven weeks, so almost there. I have not had any beef in that time, no hamburgers or hot dogs and no fries except for about two weeks agao I tried a couple of our sons and they tasted so bad, I have no desire to eat one again.  I am feeling pretty good and have very little gallbladder discomfort with the low fat diet. I go to see the specialist tomorrow  about my gall bladder ultra sound. We will see what he has to say.

I have brought down my cholesterol drasticly and plan to get it down to where it needs to be, in the next couple of months. We are both doing well on lowering our bad numbers and that is exciting. We are in this for health.

Been working on our house as well and getting some long overdue stuff done and it feels good to be checking things off our neverending list. An 80 year old house will wear you out with needs !!

So, that is it for now, doing well and feeling pretty darn good. Down to 232.5 and looking forward to seeing those twenties and he is down to 251.5 and l0oking forward to those forties !!  He is where I started , around 252 and has lost around twenty pounds too. It is odd for a man to lose so slowly but we are keeping pace with each other at this point.

I will work harder to get here every day and stay accountable. I know it is very important.

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