Todays frustrations !!

Wow, it is getting so challenging for me on this eating plan. I am basicly on four diets.

One to lower cholestoerol,

one to help my gall bladder and prevent further stones,

one to reverse my high gluclose and prevent diabetes,

and the most challenging one of all,

one for roseacea.

I am ready to pull my hair out with the rosecea diet. Just when I think I done eliminating another food causes a flush and tingling and I have to eliminate it. I am really frustrated.

So far,

I cannot eat,

sugar, that one is obvious, artifical sweetners, except some stevia as it is natural,

no tea, or diet soda,

no fats for the gall bladder,

no citrus, tomatoes onions , garlic shallets, they make me flush, no avacado as it is on the list of possibles and I am not taking chances.

I cannot eat anything with vinegar so NO salad dressings at all and no mayo, even diet so nothing but olive oil on my salad not even garlic and onions and shallets to help it,

also, no pepper or spicy stuff, so just salt or some herbs, but nothing that gives any zip or zest to the food or it flushes my face.

Only salmon, no canned  tuna and no beef and fowl once a week, only lean.

One one diet I can have grains, on others limited grains, but since I cannot have yeast as it is a possible problem for the rosacea, no breads and nothing with yeast extract which is in most store bought broths and stocks. Along with spices and peppers and onions I can not have.

I cannot eat peas or broad beans, like limas, and I am still not sure about beans and legumes as one diet for the gall bladder said no, I cannot eat them, and another said nothing about it but briefly mentioned them in the can eat category, so I do not know ?? It may be a YMMV tpye thing. ]

So, I am not sure what to do. I cannot think about salads with only olive oil on them, ick. No garlic or onions to help with that, and no pepper. I am at my wits end about this mess. I just want to get healthy, but my gosh, how much food do I have to eliminate.

Of course, chocoloate and anything spicy and anything processed and

To make it easier,

I can have,

lettuce any kind, cucumbers, mild radishes , carrots, zuchini , green beans, potatos, sweet potatos, but not canned only fresh. I cannot have cabbaage or cauliflower but can have broccoli, and green onions seem okay too. I am afraid to try leeks. They may be too strong. I am not sure about bell peppers either, they may be sweet enough.

I can have fruits except for citrus, bananas, figs and red plums. So that leaves a lot of fruit so that is good.
I can have nuts and seeds so that helps a lot too.

The only thing I can drink is water. This coming from someone who for YEARS drank two liters of diet dr pepper and then went to ice tea with artifical sweetner and then stevia, water, that is it. Everything else is not allowed on one list or another. I can drink a bit of juice but with my trying to lower my sugar, I really can’t, and no citrus juices are allowed, they are off limits .

I am not giving up, or throwing in the towel, but I am a bit discouraged right now. I just want to get healthy and it is going to be much harder than I thought.

I will make it through and eventually my palate will expand again a bit. It will never ever be the way it was, that got me in this mess, but I will be able to add some things back in once in a while in time.

For today though, I am a bit frustrated and disapointed, garlic and shallots were the last two suspects eliminated becasue they caused some flushing in my face. I am a bit down about it.

That is what this site is for, to help me vent and work my way through this .

One day at a time. I am down on the scales, 238.5 and that is very exciting, so I just have to keep my goals in sight,  slimmer,  and above all, healthier.

I can do it. I am doing it.

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