Learning to eat healthy !!

I am learning so much lately about how food affects your body and it is very interesting but at times depressing too !!

You know that some foods are bad for you but figure they are the obvious, sugar, white flour, white rice, those kinds of things. I am learning that for each individual there may be foods that are considered healthy that are not healthy for you.

To regain my health, addressing gallstones, high blood sugar, bordering on diabetes,  and to lower cholesterol , I had found the diets for each health issue and found the common denominatiors and then eliminated all the things that each diet said I could not have. This left me fairly limited but eating a very healthy diet.  Despite this I was still dealing with rosacea which the doctor had given me some cream to take care of. Instead of helping, the cream burned when applied and caused my face to get redder and even break out so I stopped it a few days in and looked up rosacea and found to my huge disapointment a few more foods I could not have.Tomatos, avocados and lemon juice, all of which I was eating every day. This one was tough. I also had to give up cheese and yogurt and sour cream, the later of which I was not eating anyway. Tomatos and avocados however, that hurt. I adore both of those. I already had to give up onion and swtich to scallions for the gall bladder, which is another huge favorate of mine, and then for the rosacea I had to give up peppers. All pepper, even black pepper. I was devestated and a bit mad that these healthy foods are now taken away too. I had to add in plenty of blue berries and black berries and cherries and those were easy to add in. Replacing the oats and cereal and milk I used to eat for breakfast. In 24 hours I could not believe the differance and now, 48 hours after giving up those last few foods, my face is clear for the first time and all that is left is the spider veins in my chin that most likely will have to be removed by a doctor. I cannot believe it. I am using a 70 face sun screen and my face looks amazing !!

I plan to keep my progress recorded here so I can see how far I have come each week. If after only a few days I am looking and doing so much better, I can only imagine how I will look and feel in a few months.

So, it is not an easy journey, but it is one I have to take to have the life I want to have. I need to get healthy. I need to get slim and fit again. I am sad that I wasted so much time being fat and miserable when it was in my power to change it.

Like Dorathy with the magic slippers, she always had the power, and so did I. I just did not bother to find out or to even care. It was too easy to keep eating the foods I love to eat and drinking the stuff I wanted to drink. Health is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to change your world to accomplish those goals. I am up to the challenge and am chosing health over sickness. Energy over exhaustion and longevity over a short life. I want to live a full and happy life, and I am willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get there.

One day at a time. That is such a wise sentence. That is all you can do. When you try to look ahead at the big picture, it is easy to get overwelmed. But we can all make it through one day, just now, just this minute, this hour and this day. Tomorrow, I will take of tomorrow. I just have to make the right choices today and trust that when tomorrow gets here, I will continue to make the same good choices.  There is no other choice if I want to be healthy.

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