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I am not really sure why I have so many categories as most of the time I comment on more than one thing in a post so I probably will post most often in this category, just everyday stuff !!

I am doing well on my diet and eating great. I have dropped nine pounds and that is amazing to me. Today is day 14, so two weeks in today and nine pounds, so that is pretty darn good.
I was a bit discouraged when my scale did not budge for four days in a row, so seeing that two pounds down today was amazing,  but my husbands did not  budge either the same four days either and  he went down a half pound today so that is good news too.

I am on a pretty strict diet with the gallstones and feel this is for life. I do not want to have surgery for so many reasons, number one, I do not want to have the experience of being put under and cut open and an organ removed, that is a big one, and also, the financial aspect of it is huge too. We have to pay 40 percent of the price of the surgery and that is a lot of money.

I have been pain free and on the right track since a couple of days into the new eating plan. It has gotten much easier and I have noticed with the no choice aspect of it, if I care to avoid surgery, I am not tempted at all by the stuff I cannot have. I emptied our pantry of all baking supplies except the whole grain stuff in the fridge and freezer and gave it to our youngest daughter to pass around to whoever could use it. Our other kids are too far away to share with, so it is up to her to take what she wants and give away the rest.  She reported yesterday that her next door neighbor was the enthusiastic recipiant of all my many many many bottles of candies for sugar cookies. I had a lot of them, and I mean, a lot. I am so thrilled they found a new home.

Been to the sleep doctor. He said to pick my wake up time and then my bedtime will set itself so I am doing that. I am a bit tired but that is to be expected the first few days I am doing this.

It seems like all I have been doing is going to medical appointments . We have found a new doctor that does not mess around and keeps an eye on us and makes us get the tests we need and does not take no for an answer. I have had a gall bladder ultrasound and now  have to go to a specialist to discuss the stones they found, and my husband, poor thing, has to have a colonospopy and he is so NOT thrilled and now  have to go back to his office because my cholesterol and glucose were a bit high and get retested and talk to him. One thing we will bump heads on is meds. I want to continue what I am doing to get my numbers where they should be. I will happily come in for a blood test every month if he insists, but I will not go on cholestoerol or diabetes meds as I know it was diet related and I am on such a strict diet, I know that I can get those numbers where they should be within a few months. It will have been three weeks since I had t hem done when I go back in next week and I know they will be lower already, no doubt. My husband feels the same way about the cholesterol meds and since we are on such a strict diet, I honestly do not think it will be a problem, but we will not budge on that. Our numbers are not high enough to warrent it and our diet will bring it way down  and probably has already.

So, right now, dentist and doctor visits take up much of my husbands days off, which is frustrating, but I believe in the next month we will be doing good enough for more infrequent visits. We are sticking to the plan, I have no choice, if I want to avoid both surgery and diabetes and my hubby is along for the ride because I cook, lol, and he is happy with the healthier eating too.

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