Just an update

I have not been here for a few days but things are going well. I have been on plan nine days today and have not cheated off plan even once !!!

I got my gall bladder scan and I do have stones but if I stay on my low fat diet and eat the foods that are good for my gallbladder and stay away from the ones that are bad, I should not need to have surgery ever.

Fact is, once I get all the weight off, I will not be at as high of a risk of  further stones because being overweight causes more cholesterol  in my bile which helps form stones, so that is good.

Also, losing weight will significantly lower my risk of diabetes as well.  It is a long road ahead and I am sure I will have days I get discouraged when I look in the mirror or just down at my big stomach and think , oh, this will take forever !! But at least each day I am one step closer to that goal and before I know it I will start to see a big differance in how I look and feel and the number on the scale.

So, doing great, starting to work in some excercise and still finishing up my second cold in a month. It will be the last one  I have if I have anything to say about it. I am going to take care of myself so these bugs cannot make me sick so easy.

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